SuperCoach Price Watch: Best options to replace Butters & Preuss plus is the top rook Parnell or Clarke?

Round 14 threw a few spanners into the mix as SuperCoaches attempt to ‘complete’ their sides with issues for Zak Butters and Braydon Preuss along with rookies Brynn Teakle, Sam Durdin and Ryan Angwin.


So as coaches consider trade options to correct their issues, there’s some key price fluctuations which will likely impact those plans.

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Sliding Premos

Plenty of SuperCoaches will be scrambling around after injuries to Zak Butters and Braydon Preuss (who has also been offered a one-game suspension) in Round 14, so who are the pick of the options?

Jarrod Witts (SC $591k RUCK, BE 163)

The Suns co-captain will soon be the top scoring ruckman this season, sitting 10 points behind the injured Max Gawn after 13 games each, so he looms as a key SC pick. Witts is averaging 115.5 which stands out among the top three rucks, alongside Gawn (116.3) and Tim English (119.8). But Witts threw in a season-low 68 against Adelaide, seeing him plummet $27k this round. That may scare some coaches off, but it’s timely drop to make him affordable, with an upgrade from Preuss only costing $150k. If you don’t have the urgency of the Preuss issue, you could hold off.

Tim English (SC $605k F/R, BE 166)

English also lost some value this round, dropping fractionally down $4k after his 110 against GWS. The drop came about due to his 80 against Geelong in Round 12, having returned from injury/illness with 160 against West Coast in Round 11. Currently is the best averaging ruckman and forward available, although he’s only played eight games, so he looms as a must-have. He will likely drop in price, but with Preuss’ suspension/injury and a match-up against Hawthorn (who have ruck troubles and offer up the third most points in SC), now is a good time to prioritise him.

Isaac Heeney (SC $453k F/M, BE 47)

Plenty of coaches trading out Zak Butters will be considering the Swans forward as a straight swap, especially after his Round 14 score of 124, fuelled by four goals. It’s worth noting that was his first ton since Round 7, so he’s not been in good form but maybe post-bye he’ll return to his early season form (scoring four tons in his first five games). His price went up $3.7k this round despite his good score, so he’s very affordable, but can you trust him to return to form? On the fringes of being a top-six forward and likely won’t get cheaper. It’s decision time.

Marcus Bontempelli (SC $575k M/F, BE 110)

The Bulldogs captain dropped $8k in value this round after scoring 120 against the GWS Giants. He will cost over $100k for anyone hoping to move Butters to him but offers reliability, having dropped below 100 only twice all season from 12 games (those scores were 96 and 88). His ceiling doesn’t seem to be as high as it used to be, with a season-best 136. Given he boasts forward status, he’s someone you’ll want to have in your side by the end of the season but his price will likely hover for now.

Josh Kelly (SC $596k MID, BE 175)

The gun GWS midfielder is coming down in price, having soared up to $623k after four straight tons which attracted large ownership before delivering an inexplicable 65 in Round 14 (he scored 111 in Round 13 despite being tagged). Kelly dropped $27k this round and his break-even is 175, so he’ll continue to slide, potentially to $550k so he’s one to get on your radar. Kelly’s GWS face Hawthorn (who give up the third most points in SC) in Round 16 so potentially that may be the time to strike.

Tom Stewart (SC $583k DEF, BE 210)

Following a Round 12 concussion which led to his season-low score of 39, Stewart dropped $22k this round after managing only 95 against West Coast. With all that in mind, Stewart will continue to slide significantly to bargain levels given his quality and ceiling, having scores of 187 and 174 in Round 7 and 11 respectively. Stewart’s 210 break-even means now probably isn’t the time to strike but Geelong do face North, who conceded the most SC points, in Round 16.

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Remarkably there were four debutants in Round 14 along with a club debutant in Sam Durdin, yet three of them suffered injuries, with Brynn Teakle and Durdin ruled out for lengthy periods. Despite that, the situation means there’s some genuine downgrade options on the horizon.

Judson Clarke (SC $117k M/F, BE -39)

Currently has the third lowest break-even, so he looks like he’ll be a popular trade-in this round, especially with coaches looking to cash out guys like Sam De Koning, Greg Clark, Nic Martin or Paddy McCartin. Has managed scores of 63 and 45, playing in two good wins and seems liked by coach Damien Hardwick, so he should hold his small forward role. He has competition though, with Jason Castagna and Maurice Rioli (who was medi sub in Round 14), pressing for his spot. Given his 54 average, he won’t be a huge money spinner, but job security, for cover, is arguably most important late in the season.

Patrick Parnell (SC $123k DEF, BE -38)

Similar break-even to Clarke, but had a better second game, scoring 70 despite a nasty knee to the head which threatened to end his day. Looks a capable player despite his diminutive stature and has a better role in the backline than Clarke in a weaker side but has competition for spots with Luke Brown. Brown was available this round and selectors played him in the SANFL, so that’s indicative for where Parnell is placed among the hierarchy right now.

Mitch Owens (SC $139k MID, BE -33)

If Clarke and Parnell weren’t available, Owens would’ve been a strong option this round as he’s due to be available after concussion protocols. Owens scored 89 in Round 11 against struggling North with 10 tackles, prompting a rush of ownership during the byes before that concussion. The reality is a lot has changed at St Kilda since, with Zak Jones, Jack Billings and likely Jack Steele all back in the team for Round 15. Owens’ break-even is still low but that concussion will slow his price rise and he’s also more expensive than Parnell and Clarke, so it’s hard to make a case to go for him.

Massimo D’Ambrosio (SC $102k DEF, BE N/A)

Mid-season draftee D’Ambrosio has only played one game, so there’s no guarantees he’ll burst his bubble, but he showed some promising signs after a slow start, to finish with 51 playing a juicy half-back role. He’s at basement price and the Dons play lowly West Coast in Round 15, so he ticks a few boxes, except for the guarantee of a price rise. It’s also hard to get a read on his job security yet, but if he’s picked to face the Eagles on Friday night, he’s someone to consider having accumulated 32 disposals in the VFL before his AFL debut, indicating a decent ceiling.

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