AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Top rookie picks amid carnage, Parish, Steele, Stewart and Jelly among best fallen premos

The byes are done. Most coaches have improved their teams over the byes. But it’s been a crazy few weeks with so many injuries and suspensions for popular fantasy players causing carnage.

Author: Dale Clohesy @DPC888


Rookies that made the cut and might be an option.

Patrick Parnell (AF $261k DEF, BE -15)

The pick of the rookies at the moment. His scoring was on fire versus the Suns until he looked injured. But he came back in the second half, though his scoring was severely hampered. If he stays fit, he looks like great bench cover and a cash cow at the same time for the back half of the season. If he scores 60 in his next three games he will go up over $130k in that time. He is still cheap enough that he is worth the price.

Massimo D’Ambrosio (AF $204k DEF, BE 12)

Had a solid yet not outstanding debut for the Bombers. After a nervous start, he looked good and clean out of defence, something the Bombers are wanting and needed. As the Bombers won the match, he should keep his place in the team you would think. With a low break-even of 12, and maybe the pressure of the big stage gone, if he can increase his scoring as well, he could be an option. If he scores 50 in each of his next three games he should make over $80k.

Judson Clarke (AF $280k M/ F, BE 14)

He again looked composed and not out of place in the Tigers’ lineup. A hard team to get into, but if you play well, a hard team to get out of as well. With the Tigers on a bit of a surge at the moment, they will probably tinker less and less with the winning formula. If Judson hits his 50 each week, he will go up $70k in the next three matches as well.

Jordan Boyd (AF $296k DEF, BE 14)

Even in the loss, Boyd looked good coming out of defence and pushed up the ground well also. His disposal is usually very clean and his teammates look for him, which is super handy as a fantasy coach. Nothing worse than having a player in your fantasy team that the teammates playing with him don’t even give the ball. Boyd should hold his spot in the team, as the defensive line for the Blues has been ravaged by injury. He will go up over $60k in the next three matches if he can hit 45 points each time.

Rhett Bazzo (AF $227k D/ F, BE 19)

Didn’t set the world on fire with his fantasy scoring, but he looked good on field in the match. His hands were good, and as a tall defender he could hold his spot as Jeremy McGovern was injured during the match, although West Coast have Harry Edwards too. His scoring could be a bit inconsistent, but at that price, most rookies are just that. If he gets 45 points per game for the next three games he goes up another $60k.

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They normally call it Rookie Roulette and we have definitely been dealt that this year again. However, the roulette with the premiums this season has been just as damning. So many are weekly trade targets only to be injured and whereby forced trades are becoming the norm as opposed the exception. It makes the fantasy season interesting, for sure, but there would be very few coaches that haven’t had a legitimate forced trade at some stage of the season so far.

Some premium targets over the next few weeks as their prices might drop.

Darcy Parish (AF $869k MID, BE 155)

He should be back this week after suffering a corked calf in the Round 13 game against the Blues. Having said that, quite a few players have missed more than one week with a corked calf. He dropped $39k for scoring so low in that match, meaning he is now priced lower than his season starting price. His scoring has been pretty good this season so far. He will probably drop some more coin when he does return, as his break-even is a whopping 155. If he hits 100 in his next two matches he will drop about another $60k in price.

Jack Steele (AF $892k MID, BE 147)

Saints coach Brett Ratten said Steele nearly played this week, he was that close. So he should be back next week, and the Saints need him and his leadership. His price is so far from his starting season price it isn’t funny. He has already dropped $126k and with the massive break-even of 147 his price will go down another $35k even if he hits 100 in his next two games, whenever they are. Surely he is going to step up, like last season, with the Saints on the brink of staying in the finals hunt.

Josh Kelly (AF $885k MID, BE 144)

Kelly was again everywhere on the weekend versus the Doggies, though his fantasy score definitely didn’t reflect that. There wasn’t a tag, it was just Kelly couldn’t get his hands on the ball anywhere near as much as he has been recently. He should bounce back. But he scrapped to a score of 73, meaning that his break-even is now hitting 144. That means that his price will, more than likely, continue down over the next few weeks. If he hits 100 in his next few matches his price will go down another $40k in that timeframe, having dropped $27k this week.

Tom Stewart (AF $835k DEF, BE 140)

After time out, but not a match, due to concussion, Stewart didn’t really come out like the premium defender that we know he is. Jake Waterman kept a close eye on him over the weekend, ensuring he wasn’t able to get free and score bulk points as a loose man. With only 19 points in the first half, there were some worried coaches. He played much better in the second half, especially in the third quarter amassing 38 fantasy points. With a break-even of 140 this week, he still has money to drop if he doesn’t pull out a big week. If he hits 100 in his next two matches he still drops another $40k. Having dropped $57k in the last two matches.

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