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We’re looking for companies who want to utilise our website and social media platforms to advertise to reach our burgeoning audience.

Key Statistics

Since our platform’s launch in late June 2020, our @HoneyballAFL Twitter account has grown beyond 3,500 followers and that growth is showing no signs of slowing either, going up 67% since March 1. Likewise our summer incarnation @HoneyballBBL, covering the BBL, has a followership beyond 1,000. In a limited period of time, both have grown rapidly.

We launched our website on Monday 13 July 2020 and traffic has shown a similarly exponential growth level. In the 2021 AFL season (February – September) we receive approximately 4,000 views and 2,600 visitors per week. A huge part of our daily traffic is generated via our social channels, primarily Twitter. As our audience continues to grow on social media and our reputation solidifies, we anticipate that growth in web traffic to continue to rise dramatically.

To ensure we don’t sit idle for six months, we also cover the BBL, extending from November to February, offering additional opportunities for advertisers, as we have carved a niche in a less saturated market with 16,630 views and 6,600 visitors per month.



The demographics from our audience is primarily Australian males between 18-49. Social media analytics tells us that some of that audience’s primary interests are sports, health, food and wagering. We’ll continue to run surveys to further understand our audience’s online habits.

Advertising Options

As a fledgling publication, we’re refining our advertising options but we offer two options, advertising space on our social media assets and on our website. This is open to affiliates and direct sponsors.

Our social media platforms, especially Twitter, are hugely popular and engaging with our audience and we’ve purposefully left advertising space on our graphics for a social media sponsor’s logo. Please enquire about this as there’s scope to fit your needs.

**Click on the images below to see examples**

For our website, there’s a variety of primary advertising space options;

  • Rectangle 300×250
  • Leaderboard 728×90
  • Mobile leaderboard 320×50
  • Wide skyscraper 160×600

Our current pay-per-clicks ads have offered good click-through rates, although enquire for further detail on this.

We do that with reliable, regular and up-to-date news, Q&As with proven AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach experts and statistical analysis. We have a subscription database for premium content, but more than 50% of our web content is free for anyone and everyone.

Honeyball Founder – Ben Somerford

Ben Somerford – HB Founder