AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Titch, Dunk, Cogs & Heeney lead underwhelming premos; Carroll, McComb & Cooper cash cows

We take a look at some of the big movers in fantasy. The numbers in here are based off previous year’s data and may not be entirely correct. However, they will give you a guide as to what player’s prices rises and falls will be.

Author: Dale Clohesy @DPC888


Best cash cows for next week

Robbie McComb (AF $313 MID, BE -1)

Should still be reasonable value, although most probably bought him in this week as Greg Clark was unavailable. Still solid scoring for a rookie, but not as much as many people wanted. His only concern will be his job security, as the Doggies need to might need to change something up and the fringe players are usually the first to go. Lachie Hunter’s availability will impact him too.

Greg Clark (AF $250k MID, BE -31)

After being out with health and safety protocols, Clark will this week be the biggest trade target. We assume he comes straight back in, with West Coast playing on Sunday, although there are no guarantees. He will make some great coin and be playable on field. Don’t expect scores of 110 each week though, as he may not get thrown in the centre bounces all the time like he was in the last quarter last week. Still a downgrade trade target.

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Jack Carroll (AF $284k MID, BE -10)

Stayed in the team for this week for his 55. A lot of coaches picked him up this week, especially with George Hewett not returning to the Blues line-up. Carroll could stay around, as there were a few other players that were not anywhere near as good as he was, even in the win.

Cooper Hamilton (AF $250k M/F, BE 2)

Now two weeks in, if he stays in the team for the next three weeks he will make some reasonable money. We have been waiting for a decent forward downgrade target for a while. If he can score 50s for the next three weeks, he still makes $120k in the next three weeks. One to look out for. Then again, GWS losing doesn’t help him.

Mitch Knevitt (AF $266k MID, BE 8)

Came from nowhere and got into the game as the medical sub in the second quarter. He then scored really well and looked very composed with the ball. If he continues to get a game, he will be one to look out for. Big job security issues with Joel Selwood and Shaun Higgins to come back.

Cooper Stephens (AF $210k MID, BE 6)

Knevitt’s Cats teammate started the game but ended on less points finishing on 53. He looked OK, but not sure if he holds his spot. If he can get another few games or through to the end of the byes then he could be a downgrade option.

There are some other options with Maurice Rioli, Aiden Begg and Sam Hayes still having really low break-evens. Depends which line you need the downgrade in as always.

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Premium price drops

Welcome to the 60s. Not something I thought I would be writing when discussing the premiums of the comp. Yes, we had lots that hit their ceiling or at least close to 100. But there were way too many that dished up a rabble of a score and didn’t get into the 70s. The price drops will be coming for these premium players if they don’t completely reverse the fall next week with a big score. Who will you be targeting?

Josh Dunkley (AF $937k M/F, BE 145)

Scored 62 in his worst effort for the season after being completely Bevo’ed on Friday night. He was nowhere near the ball all night.

Jy Simpkin (AF $738k MID, BE 117)

The Kangaroos onballer scored 65, his second super low score this year. This will continue to keep his price low, when he was meant to be a decent break-out contender for the midfield. His score would be so much worse if it wasn’t for a 33-point last quarter.

Jordan De Goey (AF $694k M/F, BE 118)

Hasn’t looked right since his bout of gastro. Hopefully he can get back to his best, as he is still getting the mid clock and opportunity. He has scored 56 and 63 in his last two weeks after being high on coaches’ radars as a potential top six forward.

Isaac Heeney (AF $750k FWD, BE 123)

Fell from grace this week again, that means he has had two scores in the 60s in the last three weeks. His disposal going into forward 50 is elite, yet his teammates ignore him and then they continually turn the ball over themselves. Hard to watch as Heeney is usually in such good positions for the Swans.

Stephen Coniglio (AF $719k M/F, BE 102)

His 65 is the second 60 score of the year and is a reason many are steering clear of him in the forward line. He just isn’t getting the CBAs that we thought he was going to, and he was getting at least some at the start of the season.

Tom Mitchell (AF $803k MID, BE 135)

Scored only 51. That is something I never thought I’d write, unless it was talking about him doing it in a quarter, which before this year he was capable of. But the role change at the Hawks this year has tempered his scoring output significantly. Until he is put back in the guts full time, you almost have to avoid.


Max Gawn (AF $944k RUCK, BE 136) with a 67 I didn’t see coming. He was going OK to half-time, but then only scored 22 points in the second half. Scarily low. He didn’t look like his normal self and Ryder and Marshall had a good day against him, even though the Dees were comfortable winners.

Callum Mills (AF $928k MID, BE 122) doesn’t make the 60s conversation, as he scraped his way to 76, but that is a far cry from where his coaches wanted him. Many traded him in this week after his run of form. Could be cheaper in a few weeks.

Honourable mention:  To Zak Butters (AF $636k F/M, BE 107) and Connor Rozee (AF $622k FWD, BE 64) for joining the 60 club, but they are definitely not premiums at the moment. Hopefully they improve over the next few weeks.

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