Expert Panel: 3 burning questions for R10 & beyond, double must-haves, what to do with Rash & Mitch?

Round 10 starts on Friday with the Melbourne Stars and Perth Scorchers having the final doubles of the season, while 40% and 28% of SuperCoaches respectively will be looking to offload Rashid Khan and Mitch Marsh.

Indeed, Rashid Khan ($205k BWL) has finished up for BBL|10 with the Adelaide Strikers, joining Afghanistan in the UAE for an ODI series against Ireland.

Likewise Mitch Marsh ($172k BAT/BWL) has succumbed to a side strain injury which is likely to force him to miss several games and be unavailable to bowl when he eventually does return.

With that in mind, plus the Stars and Scorchers doubles and the upcoming move to widespread single game rounds, Honeyball decided to bring in the experts to discuss the dilemmas.

Among the Expert Panel are four-time SuperCoach BBL top 10 finisher Damion Maher, SuperCoach BBL|09 runner-up Mathew Broom and BBL|09 top 100 finisher Nathan Scoble.

Damion and Mathew have joined us before, but the former is currently 11th in Dream11 while the latter is sitting within striking distance at 827th in SuperCoach BBL.

Bendigo Education student Nathan, 25, is doing nicely at 600th currently in SuperCoach BBL.

HB: Which Stars/Scorchers are must-haves for the Round 10 double excluding Maxy, Stoin & Jhye?

Damion: I like the look of Haris Rauf ($176k BWL) who has a great record at the MCG average of 67.5 (4 games). Adam Zampa ($186k BWL) 49.8 (10 games) too. Jason Behrendorff ($121k BWL) has a nice record at Marvel while small sample size but in his two game he averages 82.5. Outside of those big guns, I think it’s a bit of a lotto.

Nathan: I think Andrew Tye ($163k BWL) is an absolute lock to pick up some bulk points, seems to have given the million slower ball variations the flick and gone back to bowling “fast” with the odd change, very economical which we love in BBL SC also.

Rauf is a pick I’m liking at this stage also. It’s brave paying that price, he could easily score 50 for the DGW, or 150. We don’t know and you’d be rewarded heavily if he does fire because I don’t think many would have that type of cash floating around, maybe those trading Marsh to him, but then you still need to find the extra money.

Also, not an absolute lock, but someone who could be very handy is Aaron Hardie ($89k BAT/BWL). Seems to be bowling well, should bowl out now with Marsh sidelined and knows how to use variations and bowl to his strengths. He’s locked into that side and I will personally probably play him on field. Still cheap enough, in my eyes he’s a cheapie who is far better than the others around that price bracket.

If you don’t have Zampa then you NEED to get him in ASAP! Has done extremely well at the G in the past, and in my eyes is one of the best short format bowlers going around.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Liam Livingstone ($117k BAT/BWL) also finds form. He seems to just bash and crash and if he actually takes his time, he could dominate. I don’t think he will bowl overs, but if the Scorchers do find themselves in a place of dominance he could get an over or two, like we saw when they ran through the Sixers.

Josh Inglis ($152k WKP/BAT) is another that I like, has found his spot at 3-4 and with Colin Munro ($141k BAT) potentially back he could be at four again which seems to have suited him much better than opening lately. Munro is another great shout, although I’d be nervous jumping on him coming back from injury (unless I already owned),

Nathan Scoble with his little boy Noah

That is the same for Nathan Coulter-Nile ($203k BWL), I don’t think I’d be trusting his body straight up after injury.  This will sound hypocritical in a way as I’ve said Tye is an absolute lock along with Zampa, but NO player is an absolute Lock.

Players can have horrible games, catches can go down, run outs can occur. What’s Glenn Maxwell ($184k BAT/BWL) done with the bat in the previous two games? About as much as I have at the same level, sweet nothing. No doubt some players turn it on more than others but don’t be afraid to go against the grain and do your thing with your plans, it’s your team, no one else’s.

Mathew: Zampa. Too good to leave out. Takes wickets at a good economy more often than not.

Jason Roy ($167 BAT). Scored 20+ runs in all but one innings so far which means strike rate bonus. Coming off a 74, he’s playing well and will be hard to overlook now.

Tye. Gun of the past, starting to bowl a lot better the longer this BBL season goes on and hasn’t had much luck either this season. Bowls important overs, reasonably priced.

Inglis. The standout wicket keeper option given the double and if Munro misses, Inglis will likely bat at three. Since moving to three and four he has found some form including 44 not out and 72 not out and usually has a good strike rate.

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HB: If you’ve got Mitch Marsh, what would you do with him?

Mathew: I’d be definitely trading him at his price and given he has a high breakeven. There’s no point having $170k sitting on your bench with an injured player who may miss multiple games and when he does return, won’t be bowling and therefore is a less appealing option as well as likely losing a lot of money. That money can be better utilized elsewhere. Who you trade him to is team dependent but a must-have Scorchers/Stars player you don’t own is an obvious move. Otherwise someone like Daniel Sams ($199k BAT/BWL) would be a good replacement

Nathan: Personally I’m looking to offload him to either Sams, Roy or potentially even Rauf. Sams gets points with the ball and lately now also, the bat. Single game week (SGW) players are still pivotal in scoring well in a double game week (DGW)! For instance a DGW player may score 30 if they’re a low order bat who barely bowls, and you could be using that cash elsewhere for a SGW player who is a gun, and a loophole option, if you’ve set your lineup, up that way of course. I honestly do not see any reason to hold Marsh, you can easily flick him to potentially Zampa, Livingstone, even Tye for that matter. Unfortunately injuries hit but a lot of people are in the same boat.

Damion: With Marsh ruled out, I would trade him to Rauf who I am pretty keen on. Zampa and Roy are some other good choices.

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HB: With no more doubles, how do you play the remainder of the season, particularly with the Test players returning soon too?

Nathan: It’s about bringing in the guns, those that have kept Maxy, D’Arcy Short ($172k BAT/BWL), Marcus Stoinis ($196k BAT/BWL) etc are in a better place than trading them in before their DGW. This allows you to also bring in a Sams for example, or another superstar BBL SC asset. Yes it’s important to nail the DGW players; Maxi, Stoin, Zampa, Tye, Richo, but it’s how you nail them, if you need five DGW stars but only have three trades, have you really planned that effectively? For instance, if you want the big boys, you need to get them in, but does that mean you’re bringing in someone cheap who will play a DGW and score 20-30 points over someone that’s a SGW player who could go big? It’s all in the planning. Personally I will have eight or nine DGW players that I’m confident in. With Short and Sams to compliment them, the last spot more than likely goes to Hardie as mentioned above.

I’d also be conscious of BEs, there’s going to be stars come back for the remainder of the season, Matthew Wade ($181k BAT/WKP), Mitch Starc ($190k BWL) and Travis Head ($173k BAT/BWL) just to name a few, if you believe a player won’t score well in a DGW, then don’t grab them, simple as that. Grab someone who you believe is a decent option, who can score well and make that cash that enables you to jump from a mid-tier player, to a full-blown superstar next week.

Another piece of advice which may sound extremely simple but very logical, is back your gut. Trust me, there’s no worse feeling seeing a player you wanted in your team go absolutely bananas, but you went with the pack for the obvious trade-ins, rather than going with your gut.

I also believe the players you want for the remainder of the season are those like; Sams, Maxi, Stoin, Richo, Short, Alex Carey ($165k BAT/WKP), Josh Philippe ($160k WKP/BAT), Alex Hales ($167k BAT), all the big boys, there’s more I’ve missed but obviously it’s team dependent, and money dependent. Do your best to target the big fish but also keep in mind that sometimes the players we want, we may not actually get there. So have a plan A, B & C up your sleeve so you can react accordingly to price changes, injuries and abnormalities. We should all know the players we want in our “finished” sides, set it up well now or else you may be paying overs for someone. Those that paid $150k or thereabouts for Jhye, won’t have to pay the extra $90-100k that he’s going to cost for his DGW, and can put that towards another absolute superstar.

Mathew: With no more doubles I’d firstly be looking at players that have the best roles and therefore best chance at scoring well. The likes of Dan Christian ($176k BAT/BWL), Sams and Maxwell come to mind. Their dual position status is also handy and gives you the most amount of flexibility with your team. Then around these gun all-rounder types, having some of the better batting and bowling options with good matchups and that are in form.

Don’t be afraid to trade out underperforming guns though as well. Also look at some value options or fallen premiums at a cheap price, especially for the bench to loop their scores and try and get the best score each round. A player like Aaron Finch ($68k BAT) fits into that category and also gives you extra cover should you need it. A couple of good POD options to give you an edge hopefully rounds off a strong team. Players returning from the test team are ones to keep an eye on and will naturally have low ownership and could be very handy to own.

Sean Abbott ($219k BWL) and Travis Head are two players I’m keen on. Although expensive, those two are usually good supercoach scorers and have good roles within their respective teams. Mitch Starc another one who could be a smokey to finish with a couple strong games in BBL. Also making sure you have a good captaincy loophole option each round to give you two cracks at a good captain score if needed and can optimally utilize your VC options, which is especially important given there’s no more double game rounds.

Damion: With little team value I may have to do two downgrades and one upgrade each round to get some of the big guns in Philippe, Sams etc I’d look to target Nathan Lyon ($102k BWL) and Wade when they return.

I’d also be a bit worried of getting in guys who haven’t played during the Test match but have stayed around the team in Moises Henriques ($100k BAT/BWL), Abbott and co.

HB: Good stuff, many thanks lads. Good luck for the rest of the SuperCoach BBL season!

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