R15 CBAs, Kick-Ins & TOG% Analysis: Hall takes over kick-in duties, Brodie holds CBAs, Jackson stars as lead ruck

Role plays a big part in determining a player’s AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach scoring potential. In this weekly subscriber-only column, we reflect on the past round’s CBAs, kick-ins and TOG% for an insight.


Port Adelaide v Gold Coast Suns

CBAs (30): With Zak Butters out, Connor Rozee (24) enjoyed strong CBAs again scoring 87/113, while Travis Boak (21) had plenty on his return from H&S protocols. Gold Coast had their usual midfield mix.

Kick-Ins: Riley Bonner (3/3) took three of their 12 but has gone down injured, which may help Dan Houston (2/1) who scored 116/131. With Wil Powell, Lachie Weller and Connor Budarick out, Oleg Markov (8/8) and Jack Bowes (4/4) took most of the Suns’ kick-ins.

TOG%: The non-stop Touk Miller had 90% TOG which is outstanding for a mid, scoring 127/101. Malcolm Rosas only had 57% on his return from illness. Boak had 80% on his return, while Ollie Wines was down at 74%.

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Collingwood v GWS Giants

CBAs (27): Jack Crisp (19) had his highest CBA percentage since Round 9 yet only scored 69/80. The Darcy Cameron-Mason Cox (56-44%) split hasn’t hurt Cameron’s scoring, pumping out 111/117.

Tim Taranto attended eight CBs on his return from a back injury, while Josh Kelly’s (10) CBAs plummeted from approximately 55% to 37% this round, along with Callan Ward (7). Harry Himmelberg (8) spent some time in the ruck too. Stephen Coniglio had a season-high 85% CBAs, helping his 129/109.

Kick-Ins: Darcy Moore (4/3) took most of the Pies’ kick-ins. The Pies were inaccurate, enabling Isaac Cumming (12/11) and Himmelberg (9/7) to boost their scores with 118/97 and 117/114 respectively.

TOG%: Josh Kelly (87%) had exceptionally high TOG for a mid, with his CBA numbers suggesting he spent time forward. Tim Taranto was restricted to 72% TOG on his return from injury, while Pies debutant Isaac Chugg only had 53%.

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North Melbourne v Adelaide

CBAs (27): North’s mid set-up didn’t change too much, except with Jason Horne-Francis out suspended allowing Hugh Greenwood (17) more CBAs. Todd Goldstein and Tristan Xerri’s ruck split was slightly more even at 59-41%, with the latter scoring 92/81. Harry Schoenberg (20) came in for Matt Crouch and took his CBAs in a straight swap.

Kick-Ins: Aaron Hall (11/10) pumped up his score (124/153) by bossing the kick-in duties. Luke McDonald, who had taken the most in Hall’s absence, had none. Jordan Dawson (7/4) took seven of Adelaide’s 10 kick-ins although he only played on four times.

TOG%: Rookie pick Patrick Parnell (82%) had good TOG for a youngster. North debutant Jackson Archer had 78%. Tristan Xerri scored well from only 57% TOG.

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Sydney v St Kilda

CBAs (20): Luke Parker (13) was slightly down on recent CBAs, while Tom Papley had a season-high 11. Jack Steele returned from injury with 90% CBAs, with Jade Gresham (8) and Zak Jones (5) dropping off.

Kick-Ins: Nick Blakey (4/4) and Jake Lloyd (4/4) shared the duties as usual, with the latter going large with 141/148. The Saints shared theirs around between six players.

TOG%: Jack Sinclair had 89% TOG but was tagged and kept quiet. Luke Parker spent some time off early after a heavy bump but still had 80% TOG.

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Geelong v Richmond

CBAs (30): Nothing significant for Geelong although Joel Selwood (24) had a big rise. Dion Prestia’s early concussion meant higher CBAs for Jayden Short (20) and Jack Graham (19) as well as Liam Baker (14), who had his first since Round 2, scoring 92/126.

Kick-Ins: Tom Stewart (4/3) had Geelong’s most, while Nick Vlastuin (4/4) took four of Richmond’s 11.

TOG%: Dustin Martin (90%) is starting to build high TOG after his interrupted start to the season.  

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Carlton v Fremantle

CBAs (23): George Hewett (19) had a slight rise and Matthew Kennedy (11) had a slight drop for the Blues, while Zac Fisher (11) got mid-time fueling his 108/113. Will Brodie (17) retained his CBA numbers for 117/129, with Nat Fyfe (10) and David Mundy (10) splitting theirs.

Kick-Ins: Sam Docherty (5/4) took five of Carlton’s seven. Luke Ryan (6/6) took six of Freo’s nine.

TOG%: Sam Walsh (86%) showcased his tank with high TOG for a mid. Sean Darcy (84%) had good numbers, with only Rory Lobb supporting him in the ruck. Andy Brayshaw was down on output but still had 83%. David Mundy was way down at 61%, allowing Will Brodie to get up to 76%.

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West Coast v Essendon

CBAs (34): Tim Kelly (28) returned from illness with his CBAs, in a direct swap for Dom Sheed, but most things were standard for West Coast. Zach Merrett (23) wasn’t as high as last week, going at 68% which is just above his season average of 65% for his 118/111.

Kick-Ins: Shannon Hurn (7/5) and Elliot Yeo (4/3) shared the duties primarily, the latter scoring 80/102. Mason Redman (6/6) took six of Essendon’s 11.

TOG%: Elliot Yeo had 79% in his second game back, playing off the half-back flank while young ruck Callum Jamieson (57%) spent a lot of time on the bench. Nic Martin (89%) continued his high numbers for a mid/half-forward.

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Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn

CBAs (35): Tom Liberatore (25) continued his 71-72% since Bailey Smith’s absence and scoring 110/118, while Adam Treloar (18) and Josh Dunkley (19) returned to normal levels.

There was no notable role change for Tom Mitchell (21) who only managed 81/80. Dylan Moore (4) had his first CBAs for the season, scoring 105/112.

Kick-Ins: Bailey Dale (8/8) and Caleb Daniel (3/3) shared the duties for the Dogs as per usual. James Sicily (3/3) and Lachlan Bramble (3/3) took the most for the Hawks.

TOG%: Tom Liberatore (77%) had the lowest TOG of the Dogs’ mids. Marcus Bontempelli (85%) and Josh Dunkley (89%) were high but did play a bit forward. Tom Mitchell had 78% for the Hawks.

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Melbourne v Brisbane Lions

CBAs (27): Luke Jackson (18) led the ruck in Max Gawn’s absence scoring 125/122, with Sam Weideman (9) as back-up.

Despite the absence of Dayne Zorko and Zac Bailey, Lachie Neale’s (18) CBAs were down to 67% compared to his season average of 84%, as he tried to shake James Harmes’ tag, with Deven Robertson (13) getting more CBAs.

Kick-Ins: The return of Steven May (8/8) meant a drop-off for Jake Bowey who had none and Michael Hibberd (1/0) who had eight in Round 13, while Christian Salem (2/2) had two. Melbourne were inaccurate boosting the numbers of Daniel Rich (11/10) and Keidean Coleman (5/4) with 112/135 and 90/87 respectively.

TOG%: As sole ruck, Luke Jackson spent 78% time on ground. Lachie Neale had 90% which is high for a midfielder.

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