SuperCoach Price Watch: Sinclair, Parker & Bont loom large as trade-in targets, Cleary or Jeffrey?

With the plentiful supply of trades in SuperCoach this year, coaches are moving towards full premium sides already but capitalizing on value is critical to making that happen as fast as possible.


Finding Form

Clayton Oliver (SC $659k MID, BE 112) delighted coaches who traded him in for Jack Steele last round with a bumper score of 178. Clarry has scored 135 or more on four occasions this season from 10 games. Oliver went up $14k with that score and has the second highest average of any player in SuperCoach. Many coaches will chase points and try bring him in this round, but his price is very high.

From afar, it seemed Jack Sinclair (SC $530k D/M, BE 67) immediately benefitted from Steele’s absence in Round 10 with a season-high score of 138. But Sinclair played in defence, having no CBAs, while he had six kick-ins to boost his score with a season-high 32 disposals. Some coaches have been nervous to jump on Sinclair, who is seen as a breakout player, but the numbers are stacking up now and look sustainable. He’ll likely be a popular trade-in this round at that price.

There are whispers that Marcus Bontempelli (SC $587k MID, BE 91) is set for forward status which, along with his Round 10 score of 130, has coaches salivating over the prospect of bringing him in. Add to that his sub-$600k price tag and it’s a tantalizing proposition. Bont has scored 100+ in eight of nine games played this season, with a season-high of 136 meaning he’s been consistent irrespective of roles, having been shuffled around a bit.

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Sliding Into Value

Luke Parker (SC $540k M/F, BE 102) fits into a similar category to Bontempelli, having been granted forward status ahead of Round 6. The Swans onballer has been excellent over the past six games, with five 100+ scores including last round’s 112, yet his price dropped $7k to an affordable $540k.

Tom Stewart (SC $592k DEF, BE 114) posted an impressive 122 with a fine intercepting game for Geelong against Port on Saturday, yet he dropped $24k meaning he’s under $600k for the first time since his Round 7 score of 187 bumped him up $36k. Likely to be a top-six defender who you’ll need.

Callum Mills (SC $640k MID, BE 108) has shown off his monster ceiling, scoring 214 in Round 6, but with his Round 8 score of 60 still in his cycle, he dropped $29k despite scoring 102 against Carlton. He’s looking certain to be a top eight midfielder given he’s currently got the third best average in SuperCoach, so you’ll need him at some point and he may not get much cheaper.

Tom Mitchell (SC $498k MID, BE 125) went down $28k with a score of 129, while Zach Merrett (SC $531k MID, BE 154) dropped $28k after posting 102. Both should be considered or on your watch list for coming weeks.

On The Bubble

Luke Cleary (SC $117k DEF, BE -67) appears to stand-out option after scores of 61 and 75 playing in the Western Bulldogs’ backline. Hayden Crozier has been building form in the VFL, threatening Cleary’s job security, so keep an eye on that along with Taylor Duryea who missed Round 10 with illness.

Cooper Stephens (SC $123k MID, BE -57) got a late call-up to the Geelong 22 to burst his bubble, delighting his 4% ownership. Stephens has posted scores of 64 and 66, although his job security seems very fragile, given he was a late inclusion for Quinton Narkle and Geelong’s history of not offering youngsters extended runs in the side.

Joel Jeffrey (SC $127k FWD, BE -45) has come out of nowhere to be a major option this round, kicking five goals for the Suns to land a score of 95, having only scored 25 in Round 9. Jeffrey played four late last season, with no scores above 45, hence the lack of fanfare around him but his price is low and he has potential based on his Round 10 showing. Consistency will dictate his job security. Tough to trust.

Bubble Burst

Greg Clark (SC $185k MID, BE -8) had the winning ticket in Round 10, surging up $68k despite managing only 55 against GWS. He has job security and a decent role, so keep riding that.

It didn’t work out so well for Buku Khamis (SC $147k DEF, BE 9) who was quiet putting his job security at stake, or Rory Thompson (SC $141k DEF, BE 9) who suffered a knee injury and is likely to miss a few games minimum.

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