AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Value in Titch, Brayshaw & Gawn, plus what’s going on with Cripps & the cash cows

We take a look at some of the big movers in fantasy. The numbers in here are based off previous year’s data and may not be entirely correct. However, they will give you a guide as to what player’s prices rises and falls will be.

Author: Dale Clohesy @dpc888


Remember for all of the players mentioned, there are byes coming up. It is something to take into consideration when deciding on a player to bring in.

Best cash cows for next week

Cooper Stephens (AF $253k MID, BE -8)

Welcome back to the Cats team Cooper, and in another win as well. He should hold his spot for a few weeks I think, especially with injuries to a few of their mids at the moment like Max Holmes and possibly Patrick Dangerfield, although Quinton Narkle is to come back and you never quite know with Geelong. His scoring is quite nice, and his low price makes him an option for a downgrade. He will generate some good cash over the next few weeks averaging 60. If he averages 60 for the next three games he plays he will go up nearly $120k.

Luke Cleary (AF $261k DEF, BE -9)

Out of the two Doggies defenders available, he looks the most consistent scorer. The only concern is that the talk is he might be the next out when a fit defender comes back in, although he held despite Tim O’Brien’s return. With Bevo, you never know. Right now his cash generation is going to be gold heading into the byes, especially with a break-even of only -9. If he averages 55 for his next three games, he will make over $110k.

Jake Soligo (AF $255k MID, BE -10)

After playing earlier in the year for a few very low scores, he went back to the SANFL and has put together some much better efforts on the field. Highly touted, the last two weeks of 59 and 77 mean he has a low break-even and is only just above his inflated starting price as he actually dropped money following his first two games. He should stay in the team as he is currently looking good on the field for the Crows. That said, in an Adelaide loss, you never know who is safe in a struggling team, especially with Matt Crouch waiting in the wings.

Jacob Wehr (AF $213k DEF, BE 2)

After being one of nine changes for the Giants team this week, he looked like he could stay a while off the half-back line. Interesting that he basically came in for Cooper Hamilton’s role who had done a fairly good job at it I thought. Wehr will have a break-even of only 2, and if he can average 55 for the next three matches that he plays, then he will go up at least $100k. Remembering he has the Round 12 bye.

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Premiums on the price slide

Patrick Cripps (AF $833k MID, BE 134)

A few weeks ago the commentary was why are teams not sending a player to Cripps, as even after missing a week, he would probably be leading the Brownlow after eight rounds. The last two rounds haven’t been as helpful from a fantasy perspective. Even though he is getting important touches for the Blues, he isn’t getting the space to spread and receive the marks to increase his scoring. A 76 and then this week a 71, means that he will be coming down in price super soon. His break-even of 134 means that in a week or so he could be $40k cheaper if he averages 95 for the next two matches. As long as he can break a tag and find some easy ball, he will be worth picking up you would hope.

Angus Brayshaw (AF $772k D/M, BE 110)

He was on the radar for a few coaches last week as an option coming in for Lachie Whitfield. He has some great scores this year, but this week wasn’t one of them. With a 67 his price could drop another $40k in the next few weeks, even if he averages 85. Personally I find Brayshaw’s role interesting. Across half back and wing, he only gets into the game when they are playing better teams most of the time, as then there are more contests and pressure on the ball, allowing him to read the play and intercept. When the Dees are playing easier teams, they just go straight to their own goal and the ball doesn’t get down the other end of the field as much.

Tom Mitchell (AF $795k MID, BE 109)

It was reported that Mitchell would be back for round 10 and he would be onball. Watching the game it seemed to be more pronounced midfield time than earlier in the year. Eighteen CBAs and he looked hungry. Even with his score of 120, he actually went down in money this week due to his low scores previously. If he is back in the midfield, is he a must have? At that price, he is almost too good to be true. If he can average over 105 for the rest of the season, then he is a bargain buy but probably worth another look this round before committing.

Andy Brayshaw (AF $918k MID, BE 127)

A player that is averaging 117 is always going to have a high break-even. A few weeks ago he was worth $986k, and now is nearly $70k cheaper than that, so is he going to be any cheaper for the rest of the season? He definitely looks like a top eight midfielder at the moment. Again, picking who the top eight midfielders are going to be from now to the end of the season is the tricky bit. With a break-even of 127, this might be as low as we see Brayshaw for a long time, unless he has a very low score. But with a season low of only 84, he should be high on coaches’ trade-in targets.

Josh Kelly (AF $884k MID, BE 90)

For those that picked him at the start of the year, I hope you held him. Hopefully you had too many other issues to deal with and kept Kelly, as he is paying it all back now. After averaging 93 in the first five rounds, in the last five rounds he has gone at 117. Elite levels, and if you picked him at the right time, you would be flying up the ranks. With a break-even if 90 his price is going to keep going up for the next few weeks you would think. He is only $14k up on his starting price at the start of the year. Even with the new coach, it seems his role of inside and outside near the ball will continue, which we all know is where Kelly thrives.

Max Gawn (AF $870k RUCK, BE 152)

After getting up to $953k and going on a run of averaging 135 in a four-week stretch, Gawn is now at the long-sleeve wearing price of just $870k. He has averaged only 79 in his last three games, meaning that he is now priced $41k below his season starting price. It did seem like he was injured a few weeks ago but has played the last two games. Maybe it would’ve been better for owners if he was injured and out for a week, as coaches could’ve traded to someone else. As it sits, he has the potential to do anything, but with a break even if 152, there is big chance that his price goes down even more.

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