Expert Q&A: SuperCoach with DR assesses the Round 1 value picks & premos across every line

Melbourne-based primary school teacher Ryan Kimberley, aka SuperCoach with DR, provides a wealth of content on his YouTube channel but he’s got a track record to back it up.

Ryan Kimberley

The 37-year-old Brisbane Lions fan is a five-time top 600 finisher, including two top 100 finishes – 33rd (2014), 77th (2012), 123rd (2011), 184th (2021), 540th (2018) – so we sought him out to discuss his thoughts on Round 1.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @Supercoach_DR and on YouTube via this link.

You can also read the full Q&A with Ryan in the 2022 Honeyball season guide magazine for only $9.95 via this link., including how to use the new trade boosts, the keys to laying out your Round 1 side and his overall philosophy which has helped him be a four-time top 200 SuperCoach finisher.

HB: Looking at the 2022 cohort and prices, any initial thoughts on the lines where there’s value and where you should be spending on premiums? 

DR: Looking for value is extremely important when selecting your side. Every dollar saved can go towards upgrading another aspect of your team. Looking for bargains is essential, as we can’t pay top price for everyone!


In our defensive line, we have a number of premium options to choose from. I think that there are eight players that can push an average of 105+ if all things go well. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many value options to select from. James Sicily is a popular pick, who may have upside at the price. Jayden Short may boost up his average with the retirement of Bachar Houli, and Jordan Ridley could easily push 105+ if Jake Kelly allows him to play his natural game. Keidean Coleman was on my radar but injury has ruled him out. Now there seems to be a definite lack of relevant mid-pricers.

The rookie situation also seems a little sketchy on the defensive front and not a whole lot of players seem to be putting their hand up for a round one debut at this stage. We may get players Mitch Hinge, Josh Sinn, Nathan O’Driscoll and Sam De Koning but how many of these options would you be comfortable playing on field? This may be the year to load up on defensive premiums, purely because of the lack of rookie and mid-price options.


There is certainly not a shortage of options in the midfield! This is where the big dogs reside in SuperCoach Land. We have a range of safe, proven uber elite scorers that seem likely to continue to dominate the competition. I don’t think that you can go wrong with the likes of Macrae, Steele, Miller and Oliver. These players provide most of our scoring power and going too light in the midfield can leave some monster averages at the door.

There are some fallen premiums, such as Lachie Neale that present value and some coaches may like the prospects of players such as Andrew Brayshaw or Caleb Serong increasing their scoring to uber elite levels. In the 250-400K range there are some tempting options such as Jarrod Berry, Jye Caldwell, Dylan Shiel, Patrick Lipinski and Matty Rowell. I usually prefer to avoid starting too many mid-pricers in my midfield, if any at all. As I touched on earlier, there seem to be a lot of midfield rookies with seemingly good job security and scoring potential.

Daicos, Horne-Francis, Ward, Stephens, Erasmus and Hobbs are all higher pried rookies that will find their way into many teams. Budget options such as MacDonald and James Tsitas will also be highly selected players if they play in round 1.


The ruck set up is always an intriguing point of discussion. Traditionally, I usually prefer to adopt the ‘set and forget’ strategy, by selecting 2 premium players. There seem to be 3 players that sit head and shoulders above the rest – Sean Darcy, Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn. Some have question marks over Gawn due to the emergence of Luke Jackson. I see his ceiling decreasing, but I still think he finishes in the top bracket on this line. 

Others may prefer to look for a value R2 option, such as Braydon Preuss. The major risk in selecting a cheaper R2 option is that if they go down with injury, it is near impossible to trade up to a premium ruck without burning multiple trades. In 2020 I started the season with Sam Naismith at R2. When he injured his knee, my ruck merry-go-round commenced and I was forced to trade in subpar players, as I didn’t have the cash to trade up to an uber elite. This went a long way to destroying my season. This year, I’m not making the same mistake and paying up for the big boys. If you are looking to go outside the box for a breakout contender, you could have sniff at Sam Draper.


And finally we get to where the real value lies this year – our forward line. I have only considered one player above 500K which is Josh Dunkley, however there are a raft of players around the 440-470K mark that could easily finish in the top 6 for averages. This includes Zac Butters, Isaac Heeney, Tarryn Thomas, Zac Bailey and Jordan De Goey. All of these players have the potential to average 105+ but a few things certainly need to go right.

Then we have the players under 300K… Jade Gresham, Cam Rayner, Stephen Coniglio, Mitch McGovern, Willie Rioli, Charlie Curnow and Will Brodie. From fallen premiums, breakouts to unfulfilled potential, this price range is full of value options. Be aware though, I smell a trap or two here as well.

Similar to the forward line, there are not currently too many rookies that we can be confident on getting a gig in round 1. Every team has Hollands, who is no certainty. We have players like Finn Maginness, Sam Skinner, Francis Evans and Charlie Parker, but we cannot select any of these players with great confidence. This is why many teams will look for value in their forward lines and start with a bit of mid-price madness. With the lack of safe premiums and reliable rookies, it will most likely be a popular strategy to field a selection of players from the 220-470K range, as well as starting a staple such as Josh Dunkley.

You can also read the full Q&A with Ryan in the 2022 Honeyball season guide magazine for only $9.95 via this link., including how to use the new trade boosts, the keys to laying out your Round 1 side and his overall philosophy which has helped him be a four-time top 200 SuperCoach finisher.

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