Expert Panel: Who are the SuperCoach locks, traps, bargains, breakouts & rookies for 2021?

This time of the year always leads to a heap of internal dilemmas for SuperCoaches, assessing pre-season form, 2020 form, current injuries, injury history, change of roles, change of clubs, the list goes on and on.

So Honeyball has decided to assemble a star quartet of SuperCoach gurus to answer some of the burning questions which SuperCoaches have been asking themselves or throwing around in that relentless but sometimes helpful group chat.

Meet Shane aka General Soreness @GenSorenessSC: 4th in 2020 SuperCoach AFL, long-time SuperCoach player

Casey McDonald @NaCheers: Ex-SuperCoach Round winner, Top 1000 finisher in 2018, 2019 & 2020 (187th) SuperCoach AFL

Alexie Beovich @LekDogSC: Jock Reynolds host, self-professed SuperCoach nerd

Lachlan Hunter @HunterPunter_1: Self-confessed Fantasy sport addict. Five-time top 100 in SuperCoach AFL, including 5th in 2013

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Who are the SuperCoach locks for 2021?

Alexie: Clayton Oliver needs to be in everyone’s team in both Supercoach and AFL Fantasy. He hasn’t missed a game of football in the last four years and offers captain-worthy output most weeks. At just 23 years of age he still has room to grow too.

Rory Laird offers versatility with his defence/midfield swing as well as some really strong scoring potential. Prior to his move to the midfield in Round 9 last year, Laird was averaging 90.5 Supercoach points, for the final nine games of the season his average increased to 118.1. With Brad Crouch leaving the Crows, Laird is likely to continue in his midfield role for 2021 and should be locked into your side.

Casey: I’m going Jake Lloyd and Max Gawn. These two never ever let you down. Last season non-Lloyd owners flooded Twitter with “How do I get him in?” and this pre-season Twitter is flooded with “I’m not doing it again, I’m locking Lloyd in”. Plays on from kick-ins, metres gained, 30 disposals. I don’t need to say anymore.

Gawn is expensive but worth every cent. Your runners from Target cost $20 are uncomfortable and break in two weeks. But your $200 Asics are comfortable and last 12 months and you recommend them to your friends. It’s worth the cash! Hit-outs to advantage and intercept marks are pure gold! 130+ lock it in.

General: I agree on Gawn plus Lachie Neale. They’re both expensive as hell and overpriced due to 2020, but consider this Max Gawn went 127 and 128 the two years prior and has missed just four games in three years (three of those last year). Lachie Neale went 121 in his first year at Lions, coming off 111 at Freo where he had lower CBAs and TOG. He’s missed two games since 2014.

Both are captain choices, if you don’t start them you will want them at some stage, how many points will you leak and how much will you have to compromise to get them in? Sleep well at night and just pick them.

Lachlan: Nothing new from me then! Laird, in the second half of last season he cemented a spot in the midfield. He performed well in this role and his numbers spiked as a result and there would be no reason why this wouldn’t continue this year.

Gawn, you’re paying a premium for him but he proved last year that he’s the premier SuperCoach scorer in the comp. My philosophy is to always aim to start with the number one player in the comp. You then have someone you can captain (or vice) with confidence. Preuss has also now left the club meaning that he should have a monopoly on the ruck time. He also has a nice ruck draw to start the season. Lock!

To read all of the Expert Panel's suggestions for traps, PODs, breakouts and rookies, purchase the Honeyball digital magazine now for only $7.95 via this link.

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