AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Cripps revival & Merrett, Marshall & Mills lead final-sprint must haves

What a round with some of the biggest AFL Fantasy scores of the season. Zach Merrett 172, Rowan Marshall 163, Errol Gulden 155, Brodie Smith 141, Patrick Cripps 139 and Mason Redman 139.

Author: Dale Clohesy


If you had any of them as your VC or captain you were well set-up for a monster score this week.

However, there was some players that didn’t work out. That’s right I’m looking at you; Tim English, Jackson Macrae, Tim Taranto, James Sicily, Clayton Oliver, Max Gawn, Nick Daicos, Lachie Whitfield, Braydon Preuss, Harry Himmelberg, Marcus Bontempelli, Reilly O’Brien, Jarryd Witts and Jayden Short.

However, there were bigger problems with Stephen Coniglio being a late out and so many coaches who had already completed their trades and either had to ride a Jai Culley 38 or a donut, some of the above mentioned names who scored in the 60s and 70s don’t seem so bad.

Picking the players who are coming home like the proverbial steam train is the hard part. Here are some of my thoughts.

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Zach Merrett (AF $970k MID)

Some were asking what was going on in the first half against the Roos. He had a solid enough first quarter with 24 points, but a disappointing second quarter meant he went into half time on only 37. However, after 12 kicks, a couple of hand passes and marks, five tackles and a goal he had a 75-point third quarter. The biggest for AFL Fantasy this year. He didn’t stop there with a 60-point last quarter and 135 second half to finish in 172. Yep 172, you read that correctly. Incredible and if you held your nerve to have him captain in the last game of the round, you were a brave soul and would’ve been handsomely rewarded. He is on fire and hasn’t gone below 118 in his last six.

Rowan Marshall (AF $812k F/R)

He was picked up over the last few weeks by a lot of coaches, but a lot more held steady this week after Tom Campbell was named in for the Saints. But when Campbell was a late out, which was pre-planned, Marshall was let loose and he went ballistic. A 94-point first half set up his incredible score and coaches at half time were licking their lips and hoping for the magical 150. They were rewarded with even more as Marshall sauntered onto 163 points and what most coaches thought at the time would be the biggest score of the round.

Rory Laird (AF $1.07m MID)

Who would’ve thought a quiet week for Laird, as he isn’t in the top echelon of scores for the round, but he still scored 130 and he still went up in cash, scoring above his break-even. Incredible run that he is on. He has now gone 130 or more in his last five games, now equal with a few other Fantasy legends who have done the same for a five-game span. He could be outright leader after next week against the Eagles as well. He is actually so close to scoring that 130 in six games in a row already, as his game before the streak started was a 129 against North. He just cannot stop getting the pill at the moment. He has also dramatically switched his kick to handball ratio as well in the last three games helping his scoring even more.

Callum Mills (AF $916k MID)

Mills had a poor score and then a 90 and since then his last four matches haven’t been under 116. Very consistent for a guy that isn’t consistent. He is finding the ball all over the place and his teammates are looking for him for the short little hit-up marks as well. He is also averaging nearly 6.5 tackles per game making his fantasy scoring motor along. A great player and only owned by 21% of coaches coming into the final few rounds of the classic season or maybe to hopefully help you in those elusive league finals.

Patrick Cripps (AF $790k MID)

Cripps is one player that I didn’t think that I’d be writing about at this stage of the year after nine scores between 71 and 106. With George Hewett out and Marc Pittonet back in the ruck, it seems to give Cripps a licence to go for it and kick the ball so much more. He has gone 121 and 139 in his last two without Hewett and there is a chance he doesn’t come back this week either. Those that had to hold Cripps through to now are hoping so, as he just had his career-high disposals in a match against the Crows.

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