SuperCoach Expert Panel: PODs for the run home to give you the edge for a rankings rise & H2H league finals

If you’re looking for a late-season rankings rise or chasing an edge in head-to-head league finals, nailing a few point of difference (POD) players will give you the boost you need.


The risk of PODs becomes lower the later the season goes too (if it misfires, you’re not stuck with them for 23 rounds), so now is the time to launch into one, assuming you’ve got a few trades on hand.

The challenge is picking the right POD, so we’ve assembled a panel of expert SuperCoach minds to offer some suggestions. We’ve stuck to under 10% ownership, with a few uber POD suggestion below 5%.

Our Expert Panel includes;

– 2020 SC top 150 finisher Janath Fernando,

– current SC rank 64th Brendon Wright,

– Herald Sun scribe and regular SC top 1000 finisher Dylan Bolch,

– former SC round winner and 2020 SC top 200 finisher Casey McDonald,

– current SC rank 114th Dillon Williams.

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Janath Fernando @JanathFernando4

Connor Rozee (SC $520k F/M, 4% owned) – might be a little biased here but Rozee has been one of the main reasons why my SuperCoach team has experienced a recent rank rise from the edge of the top 10k to inside the top 3k now. With a six-round average of 108, and 154 in his most recent game including four goals, Rozee is primed for a big finish to the year. Rated both internally and externally (Rozee is eighth for AFL coaches votes for 2022), he has the potential to score SuperCoach points quickly (e.g., was on 13 at half-time vs Freo in R16, and finished on 98), whilst providing a valuable point of difference for coaches.

Luke Davies Uniacke (SC $567k MID, 1%) – ‘LDU’ is on a red hot streak, averaging 121.6 points in his last five games. If you’re looking to trade out an underperforming midfield premium with a luxury trade, LDU may appear to be a perfect target. Around this price point, also consider Zach Merrett (SC $577k MID, 8%) who has a three-round average of 132.7 and is considerably more SuperCoach ‘proven’, as well as Cam Guthrie (SC $579k MID, 2%) who has tonned up in his last seven games and has a reliable range of scoring avenues.

Brendon Wright @MiniMonk10

Ben Keays (SC $543k MID, 9.3%) has shown that he can easily match it with the top mids this year. Adelaide has the best run home of any team in the AFL, and Keays is a cheap way into their midfield without having to break the bank for Rory Laird. He is ultra-consistent with only one game below 96 and at nearly his cheapest price all year, he is one who could easily give you a rise up the ranks.

Dylan Moore (SC $491k FWD, 2.6%) had a big rise in CBAs this week. The faith that Sam Mitchell showed in him this week was clearly repaid with him recording a whopping 135 and boasting a three-round average of 112. Clearly Mitchell was happy with him as he polled nine votes in the Coaches Votes this week and with West Coast and North in the next two, coaches who pick him up should be instantly rewarded.

Lastly, if you are after an Uber-POD, I would be considering one of the Gold Coast half-backs in David Swallow (SC $480k D/M, 1.1%), Brandon Ellis (SC $435k D/M, 0.5%) or for the ultimate POD, Jack Bowes (SC $408k DEF, 0.0%). The defender stocks of the Suns have completely fallen off the cliff with both Connor Budarick, Wil Powell and Lachie Weller all done for the season, and with the run that the Suns have home, they might just be the golden ticket you need.

Dylan Bolch @BolchDylan

Bailey Smith (SC $553k F/M, 3.3%) is a fantastic option. He is the fourth-highest averaging forward in 2022 and will have a point to prove after missing five weeks through suspension. The Doggies need a lot to go right in their run home and I think Bazlenka will be a key catalyst in keeping their finals hopes alive.

Zach Merrett (SC $577k MID, 7.8%) is one of the most in-form midfielders in the competition SuperCoach wise right now. He boasts a three-round average of 132.7, only bettered by Clayton Oliver and Rory Laird. Another option here could be Cam Guthrie (SC $579k MID, 2.0%), who has scored seven tons in a row.

If you are looking to go really rogue, take a look at Shannon Hurn (SC $550k DEF, 0.6%). His last seven matches have all seen scores over 99 and he has slipped well and truly under the radar in SuperCoach.

Casey McDonald @NaCheers

Cam Guthrie (SC $579k MID, 2.0%) with only 2.0% ownership and priced at $579k is very tempting. He is a bit of a SuperCoach enigma. He has a three-round average of 120.7 and a five-round average of 115.6. His last seven games are 100+ ranging from 101-134. Could be a serious POD!

Daniel Rioli (SC $484k D/F, 6.5%) could be winning the Richmond best and fairest. His switch to defence is so SuperCoach friendly. Three-round average of 111.3 and a five-round average of 103. Racking up metres gained, disposals and even hitting the scoreboard. DPP of fwd/def could come in very handy for coverage too.

Dillon Williams @Goat19_

Luke Davies-Uniacke (SC $567k MID, 0.6%) has been on fire lately, with a three-round avg of 120.3 and a five-round avg of 121.6. He has only scored under 87 twice this year (excluding injury), and now has a very favourable run of fixtures ahead. Less than 1% ownership means that he will be perfect for boosting you up the ranks.

Another “uber POD” could be Jack Viney (SC $564k MID 0.7%). Just the one score under 106 in his last seven games, including four of them 120+. He has proven his reliability over this period and looks to be a decent shout for the run home.

Dylan Moore (SC $490k FWD, 2.6%) saw a spike in his CBAs last round, leading to a huge score of 135. He was at 60% of the centre bounces last round, a role that greatly increases his scoring potential. On top of this, he has multiple SC friendly fixtures in the run home.

Lastly, one of the safer PODs going around is Zach Merrett (SC $577k MID, 7.8%). He has been a proven option in the past and has produced scores of 147 and 140 in his last two.


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