SuperCoach Price Watch: Mills & Merrett hot value, English slides & Burgoyne headlines the pick of the rooks

Most SuperCoaches are finalizing their best 22s right now and tweaking with upgrading premos, while some may be getting crafty with Clayton Oliver who’s set to miss a game or possibly two.


So we’ve taken a look at some of the value premo mids, along with a few other guns firming into a decent price, plus the key rooks this round to generate some cash for an upgrade.


Callum Mills (SC $575k MID, BE 112)

The Swans co-captain reminded everyone of his ridiculous ceiling with a Round 17 score of 138 fuelled by 16 tackles. That comes after scores of 85 and 86 which has seen his price plummet down below $600k to a very affordable level. Mills dropped $15k this round but it could’ve been lower had he not scored so well. He looks at an absolute steal at that price with only 18.8% ownership currently.

Zach Merrett (SC $577k MID, BE 49)

Some coaches took a mid-season plunge on Merrett, given he bottomed out at $521k and has an excellent record in the second halves of seasons. In Round 17 he delivered, with a score of 147 to follow up his 140 last weekend, so his price flew up $38k this round and he’s set for a major rise over coming weeks given his break-even. The evidence is there, so jump on now for a cut-price premo with POD value, with less than 10% ownership. It’s him or Mills.

Jack Steele (SC $549k MID, BE 104)

Steele, who was one of last year’s best SuperCoach performers, is cheaper than Mills and Merrett after three games back from a shoulder injury. He has tonned up in all three games but not gone above 115. However, last year’s scores cannot be forgotten with him, so he needs to be considered. He currently has only 10% ownership with a break-even which will keep his price fairly steady for now (he went up $6k this round), meaning the urgency isn’t quite there.

Andy Brayshaw (SC $580k MID, BE 72)

Another premo midfielder priced under $600k is Fremantle’s Brayshaw who churned out 132 in Round 17 seeing his price continue to climb $9k having dropped to $532k in Round 12. Brayshaw has three scores in the 130s in his past four games and isn’t showing any signs of letting up. He is the most owned of these four mid premo picks, currently at 27.3%.

Tim English (SC $576k R/F, BE 128)

Amid the recent ruck carnage, it’s worth noting English dropped almost $30k this round with a score of 97 on his return from concussion. His break-even is achievable but if you’re looking to offload someone like Luke Jackson or Darcy Cameron, then English may be your man this week rather than Max Gawn who is priced at $614k but with a 189 break-even. It’s all about timing with these guys, so it’s case by case for each coach.

Jack Crisp (SC $489k D/M, BE 129)

Crisp is someone to consider if money is scare and you want to complete your D6 upgrade, having dropped $30k this round. The Pies defender/midfielder has had three sub-par scores lately, 77, 79 and 80, which means this suggestion will likely be scoffed at, but he has pedigree and had pumped out nine hundreds in 10 games prior to his recent run. It’s hard to win an argument on form but he’s an option if money is short.

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Jase Burgoyne (SC $117k D/M, BE -65)

The Port youngster, who has the added bonus of DPP status, will be a popular downgrade this round after posting scores of 68 and 65 ahead of his bubble. He makes a lot of sense, although Port do have Xavier Duursma pressing for a recall. With a break-even of -65, he can make big money quickly if he holds his spot over the next few months, but that’s decreasingly important as the end of the season approaches, where job security is important for cover with trades running low.

Zane Trew (SC $123k MID, BE -19)

Trew doesn’t tick as many boxes as Burgoyne, given he’s only scored 42 and 49 but he is getting midfield time in a struggling side, so he has a good role and a bit of job security. In saying that, West Coast have Greg Clark pressing for a recall, along with Xavier O’Neill in the WAFL who starred in his second game back from injury, so Trew’s hold on a spot isn’t secure at all.

Josh Carmichael (SC $102k M/F)

We’d rarely advocate the plunge on a rookie in their second game in SC, but Carmichael’s basement price and DPP status may be enough to lure some coaches. He debuted with a score of 54 which was solid but it’s hard to get a gauge on his job security in a top-eight side who have someone like Jordan De Goey to return, albeit not immediately. Taylor Adams’ concussion might cause a re-shuffle and mean he gets another game or two to show his wares. Hold off but monitor.

Noah Cumberland (SC $123k M/F)

Cumberland is similar to Carmichael, but $21k more expensive and requiring an injury to get his proper debut as a medi sub. However, the young Tiger was impressive up forward in Tom Lynch’s absence, scoring 62. With Lynch likely sidelined due to injury, he may get an extended run. Injuries to Richmond’s rucks means there’s a bit going on there too, so keep an eye on that.

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