AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Keays, LDU & Anderson among the hot run-home PODs, plus top cash gen options

It may be Round 17 but lots of coaches still need cash generation so let’s have a look at some possible rookies going forward, plus some unique guns for a bit of a point of difference (POD).

Author: Dale Clohesy


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Unique Guns

The premium landscape is different and a point of difference can be key to moving up the ranks when so many teams are now rookie free. Let’s have a look at some lowly owned players who are scoring well.

Ben Keays (AF $816k MID, 7.2% ownership, 117 3-game avg)

We need players averaging over 110 from this point on to make them viable top eight options for the midfield and Keays is one who fits that bill. He was everywhere against the Hawks and even though the Crows didn’t play that well for a lot of the game, he is around the ball and spreads enough around the ground to get some big scores. Hopefully he can continue his current run of form and at his price, he should match it with players priced well above him. With a break-even of 80 he will still be going up by about $45k if he can average this 117 for the next two rounds.

Luke Davies-Uniacke (AF $794k MID, 0.7% ownership, 112 3-game avg)

Has had a break-out second half of the season. He has realised that he is the main player in the middle, and that he can really play at this level. His contested play, baulking the opposition and extracting the ball for clearances is his speciality. However, he also follows and pushes forward and back meaning he is always in the play. A midfielder that, if he can do it consistently, could be an uber premium that averages over 110 for the season. His last five he is averaging 110 and in the last three it is 112. If he averages 112 for the next two games he will go up by about $80k in that time after going up by $50k this week. He has a low break-even of just 37.

Noah Anderson (AF $799k MID, 1.5% ownership, 111.7 3-game avg)

With a kick after the siren to win the game for the Suns, it was a great moment in the AFL and for Anderson. His fantasy score also peaked at 141 meaning his last three average has hit nearly 112. Another midfielder who is having a break-out season as well. He should continue to score well and he pushes with his teams to get more wins and push for an unlikely Finals berth. His price will go up by about $50k if he continues to average 112 in his next two games as his break-even is now 39.

Hugh McCluggage (AF $904k MID, 1.8% ownership, 118 3-game avg)

The Lions midfielder is have an amazing second half of the season. His season average of 102.5 is a bit underwhelming as many had him probably averaging 105-110 for the season. However, his last five average at 117, and 118 in his last three means he is on fire. He has a very high price compared to others in this article, but his uniqueness at just 1.8% owned means he is one of the best PODs going around and could be the pick you need for the last quarter of the season. He could be an option if Oliver misses this week.

Rowan Marshall (AF $718k R/F, 8.1% ownership, 113 3-game avg)

Having just gained forward status (though I have no idea how he didn’t have it before), he is now learning to co-exist with Ryder in the team and still score well. For those that went to English to Marshall they will be laughing as his last three average at 113 points is right up there. Makes him a contender for a top two ruck for the last quarter of the season if he continues. He is such a cheap price and if he continues averaging 113 for the next two games his price will go up by approximately $60k. He is very underpriced at the moment compared to his price, his break-even of just 60.

Dylan Moore (AF $715k FWD, 2.9% ownership, 117 3-game avg)

After only having seven centre bounce attendances in his career before the game against the Crows, Moore had 15 as he continues to build his game and his running tank. He has had an amazing season so far, having averaged 70 in 2021 and now going at 91 this season including 117 in his last three. He would definitely be a unique option as he is only 2.9% owned. His price should continue to go up maybe $45k over the next two weeks as his break-even is only at 70, meaning that at only $715k he is potentially very underpriced.


Josh Carmichael (AF $208k D/M, BE 6)

A good debut, and he should get another game based on the comments from the coach of the Pies. Jordan De Goey looks to be out for at least one more match based on the medical report from last week, so he should hold his spot for one more week. After that we are unsure. His break-even of 6 means if he can score 50 in his next two games he will make over $60k.

Carter Michael (AF $205k D/M, BE 9)

After being one of nine inclusions for the Lions this week it is hard to know if he holds his spot. But he did play pretty well and kicked a crucial goal in the last quarter as the Lions looked to get the win over the Bombers. His break-even of just 9 means he will definitely make money the next time he plays. If he averages 45 in his next two games his price will go up over $50k but JS is unclear.

Jase Burgoyne (AF $253k D/M, BE 0)

Had a quieter fantasy week, but his impact on the game was about the same. He played well but just didn’t get as many fantasy points for those that bought him in. He will continue to make good money for coaches who own him and seems to have some JS at Port who aren’t missing many similar to him, except maybe Xavier Duursma. Over the next two weeks if he can hit 50 points a game his price will go up by $65k.

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