AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Who are the top Stewart replacements & rookie downgrade picks

Coming out of the byes is always hard. You get to see who has been playing the game for the long run and who has been just swapping premiums in the byes.

Author: Dale Clohesy @DPC888


Yes, not everyone can walk out of the byes with a completed team with no rookies due to the amount of premium carnage that has just been continuous.

Let’s have a look at the rookies that may help you moving forward that are all currently priced below $300k. That said, there are not many playing rookies that are scoring overly high consistently.

Yes, they are earning some good money, but you wouldn’t want to be counting them on your field at this stage of the season.

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Patrick Parnell (AF $289k DEF, BE 15)

Had his worst fantasy game, which many wouldn’t have expected against lowly North, only scoring 24. Hopefully he stays in the team and can improve, as in his first two weeks, he looked like the rookie option that everyone had to have. If he hits 50 in his next three games he will go up over $60k but the experienced Luke Brown is pressing.

Massimo D’Ambrosio (AF $232k DEF, BE 2)

Had another good game for the Bombers and showed pace, poise and effort. However, in a loss to the Eagles, who knows who stays in the team, plus Darcy Parish and Andy McGrath are set to return. He has a good kick-to-handball ratio and took a few more marks this week to help his fantasy scoring. If he scores 50 in his next three games, he will go up over $80k in that time.

Rhett Bazzo (AF $254k D/ F, BE 6)

Had a pretty good fantasy scoring game against the Bombers and looks to have a spot in the team for a bit with Jeremy McGovern out, although Harry Edwards had a monster game in the WAFL to put some pressure on. Hopefully he gets a few more games for those that picked him up. His overhead marking and reading of the play were quite good. If he scores 45 in his next three games, he will go up $60k.

Jackson Archer (AF $208k DEF, BE 8)

Scored pretty well for his first match and was up to the contest against the Crows. There were a few clear errors that lead to some easy goals for the opposition, and that may have him out of the team going forward. David Noble came out and said that Archer would be used throughout the end of the year, in match-ups that suited him as a player. That means he may not be in the team every week. In his next three matches, if he hits 45 points in each game, he will go up over $75k.

Many coaches continue to have premiums going out of their teams in a helter-skelter manner. It just makes it harder every week, with Tom Stewart being the latest big out after taking Dion Prestia out inappropriately.

Stewart replacement options

Jack Crisp (AF $837k D/M, BE 132)

Crisp turned out his second worst performance of the year in the wet against GWS. Meaning that he dropped $27k and is now $17k below his season starting price. He is definitely an option for Stewart. The Pies are playing well and Crisp continues to be in the midfield. If Crisp scores 100 in his next three games, he may drop another $40k. This part of the season is about picking the players that are going to be top for their position for the rest of the season. Then get them at the right price. Crisp could be that guy.

Jack Sinclair (AF $843k D/M, BE 130)

He is playing so well that the Swans purposely bought in a player to complete a forward tagging role on him. It worked pretty well. It gave him no space to spread from and his fantasy scoring was heavily impacted. From a game that the Saints will want to forget anyway, hopefully this is a learning for Sinclair and he learns how to break the tag going forward. He should be in the All-Australian team as it stands at the moment. Sinclair’s price went down $17k this week and with a high break-even, he may go down a little more moving forward.

Jake Lloyd (AF $701k DEF, BE 70)

Lloyd will be one of the more popular trades for Stewart this week, after his massive 141 points. Jake hasn’t had the best scoring year to date. He had his worst score of the year the week before with a 48 versus Port, he has only had four scores over 100 for the year and has dropped $122k. Coaches thought he was value at the start of the season. He is definitely an option to bring in, but can he sustain it. With a break-even of 70, he is every chance to beat that score against the Bombers this week.

Daniel Rich (AF $767k DEF, BE 83)

Coming off a three-game average of 111.3pts, Rich could be back to his best. He had a fantastic fantasy season last year and he hasn’t put that consistency together this year so far. Then after his lowest score of the season, a 37 vs GWS in Round 11, he has pumped the fantasy scoring back to elite levels. He could be the smokie to come home strong for the rest of the season.

The other good options around the same price could be:

Aaron Hall (AF $761k DEF, three-game avg 84, R15 score 124)

Angus Brayshaw (AF $811k M/D, three-game avg 111.3pts)

Isaac Cumming (AF $794k DEF, three-game avg 109pts)

Lachie Whitfield (AF $761k D/M, three-game avg 107pts)

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