SuperCoach Expert Panel: What’s the best way forward with rucks amid the carnage – Hold/trade Gawn, English & Preuss?

The ruck carnage over the past fortnight has left SuperCoaches staring down donuts as they consider whether or not to hold the likes of unavailable trio Max Gawn, Tim English and Braydon Preuss.


The carnage didn’t stop there, with cheap downgrade option Brynn Teakle also going down injured and as trades start becoming scarce the dilemma warrants expert attention.

So Honeyball has called in the guns for an Expert Panel, featuring;

  • Brendon Wright @MiniMonk10; currently ranked 73rd in SuperCoach plus 1st in Real DreamTeam and 102nd in AFL Fantasy,
  • Dillon Williams @_The__Goat; currently ranked 287th in SuperCoach and a regular social media contributor for Honeyball,
  • Brayden @BraydenGhouls, currently ranked 6th in SuperCoach and the Round 8 weekly prize winner,
  • Dylan Bolch @BolchDylan, former top 1000 SuperCoach finisher and Herald Sun reporter.

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HB: Thanks for joining us, we want to talk about ruck solutions amid the carnage of Gawn, English, Preuss and Teakle. Everyone’s circumstances are different but what’s the best way forward?

Brendon Wright @MiniMonk10

Of the three with cash on their heads – Gawn, Preuss and English – English is the only one I would hold due to his R/F flexibility and his proven scoring potential.

Someone who I had been eyeing even before all this carnage was Sean Darcy (SC $548k RUC). Coming off two down scores against one of the most restrictive rucks in the competition in Oscar McInerney into what many thought would be an easy match-up in Ned Reeves, people won’t be looking closely at him. However, he was ill in the first of these and still recovering in the second, and with the potential return on Matt Taberner this week alongside playing against Tom De Koning, there is plenty of upside for the Freo ruckman who has one of the highest ceilings in SuperCoach.

Of the value premium options, the only one I could recommend is Oscar McInerney (SC $481k RUC) as he has not had to contend with sharing the duties with Darcy Fort over the last few weeks and comes up against Luke Jackson and potentially Jordon Sweet in his next two weeks. If you are in desperate need of a one-week holdover and want to spend down, then Peter Wright (SC $333k R/F) against a depleted Eagles could be in for a big score and provide some cover, with the other obvious option in Luke Jackson (SC $381k R/F) likely taking over the number one ruck role in the absence of Gawn providing some value.

Dillon Williams @_The__Goat

Many will look to trade as they struggle to field 22, but even then there is a lack of appealing options, of those that are injured, I think English is the one that I would be holding. He has proven himself as the number one forward and is even the highest averaging ruckman. There is no reason why he would slow down when he returns, so I’d be happy with leaving him on my bench, even if it’s two rounds out.

For the coaches that are planning on offloading a ruck, there are a few solid options that should be considered. Jarrod Witts (SC $591k RUC) certainly tops my list of replacements. He is currently the third highest averaging ruckman, with seven of his last eight scores 113+, including four over 130. The only two with a higher average are the injured Gawn and English. He had an off week last round, scoring just 68, however I am confident that he will bounce back against the depleted ruck line of Port Adelaide.

If you are in need for some value options, Luke Jackson (SC $381k R/F) is a must consider for this week. No Gawn means he will take the number one ruck role, and will likely see a boost in his scoring. The only downside is that he will need to be traded when Gawn returns, which may be a fortnight away.

I can only recommend this move if you have some trades up your sleeve, while also saving some for inevitable carnage. Peter Wright (SC $333k R/F) could also be a unique short-term option. It’s risky, however, this round he comes up against the ever-disappointing Eagles. In the six games that he has scored 3+ goals this year, he averages 102.5 SC points, and he is certainly capable of that this week. Similar to Jackson, he won’t continue to produce solid scores, so it may only be a one-week play to try and move up the ranks. Both options will net you a nice amount of cash to improve the rest of your team.

Brayden @BraydenGhouls

I am lucky enough to only own just English and Teakle now after trading Preuss to Gawn then Gawn to Bontempelli.

If you have Darcy Cameron (SC $519k F/R) or Jackson and Teakle I would be looking at making Cameron or Jackson your R2 and trading in a forward over a ruck. Sean Darcy would be my only option this week if you wanted to move on English.

If I still had Preuss now, I would probably trade him, only on the fact that his cash flow has slowed down now, projected to be $415K in two games which is disappointing when he should be looking at $500k+. Just makes it harder to move onto a premo if something else happens later in year.

I’m holding English (at this stage) but if I didn’t have Bont I would move to him on I’d say. English is a hold even if he is out for two (if you have cover). You could trade but all that will happen is he will come back in pump out 120+ and everyone will look to get him back in with one of their last trades.

Dylan Bolch @BolchDylan

I think the ruck solutions this week will depend on your individual team structure and how many trades you have left. If you can afford a sideways move, Witts or Darcy are both good options.

Looking at cheaper left-field prospects, Reilly O’Brien (SC $544k RUCK) has a great run of fixtures coming up and Todd Goldstein (SC $532k F/R) could be a sneaky play, especially if you also have Butters to deal with.

Goldy has averaged 111.8 SC points after regaining the number one ruck mantle from Tristan Xerri and has the added bonus of being a dual-position player (DPP). If you don’t have many trades left, holding a week or utilizing some DPP magic might be the better play.

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