SuperCoach Price Watch: Petracca & Zorko slide, Daicos & Brodie dilemmas, Giants loom for trade plans

The second bye round offered a few doozies for SuperCoaches with plans to trade out players on the Round 14 bye possibly needing to be re-visited, while several Giants made their cases to be trade-in targets.


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Christian Petracca (SC $487k MID, BE 113)

Has had a poor three weeks, alongside the Demons, scoring 99, 70 and 53 seeing his price drop another $36k this week, having fallen almost $100k over that stretch. Melbourne has the bye next round, so moving him on may be an option for coaches close to completing their side. He did ton up seven times in Melbourne’s first 10 games this season.

Will Brodie (SC $565k M/F, BE 119)

Another player to drop a bit of value ahead of their bye, the Dockers recruit lost $9k in price this round after scoring 82, his lowest score since Round 7. Brodie’s below-par score coincided with Nat Fyfe’s return, which many feared would impact his role. The reality is Brodie still had 23 of 29 CBAs, so he remains firmly in their midfield plans but his time on ground (67%) remains low. Probably maxxed out in price but still averaging 105.

Dayne Zorko (SC $430k D/M, BE 93)

The Lions captain was a popular addition a month ago after three straight hundreds, but he’s not delivered and was injured in Saturday’s win over St Kilda, scoring only 53. His past four scores are 53, 103, 37 and 84 so frustrated coaches may trade him out, having dropped $33k this week, with the bye to come. But Brisbane have said he may not miss any footy, given it’s only a minor hamstring strain. His break-even is OK so he won’t drop too much, but he’s injury prone meaning it’s an awkward call on whether to hold or trade someone who is supposedly a premo yet is not delivering.

The Dilemma

Nick Daicos (SC $404k D/M, BE 8)

Most coaches would’ve planned to offload Daicos upon Collingwood’s Round 14 bye but he has continued to impress, with scores of 112 and 113 in the past two rounds. He is averaging 83 and has a low break-even of 8, rising $30k last round, so he has more money to make if you can hold on to him. The Pies had spoken about giving him a rest, but the bye will provide that which should hold him in good stead. Would be bold to move him on, unless your team is in very good shape.

Giant Movers To Consider

Harry Himmelberg (SC $435k FWD, BE -61)

The reborn defender has put together back-to-back centuries, with his Round 13 score of 187 against North topping the round, seeing his price soar up $85k. He doesn’t exactly have SuperCoach pedigree, having averaged in the 60s this season prior to his move down back upon Mark McVeigh taking over at GWS. But scores of 187, 126 and 80 with a -61 break-even will grab some attention. Typically averages around the 70s, so that’s the baseline if he cannot maintain those hundreds.

Stephen Coniglio (SC $498k M/F, BE 29)

A lot of coaches have held Cogs all season, while others dumped him prior to the bye. For those who held, it’s paid off with bumper recent scores of 174 and 140 in two of his past three games, albeit against lowly North and West Coast respectively. Coniglio has clearly switched to a more favourable midfield role and is thriving. It’s not too late to jump back on either, with his price still under $500k after another $67k jump. It’ll keep going north with a 29 break-even.

Lachie Whitfield (SC $428k D/M, BE 86)

It feels like the Giants are back in vogue, fresh from their bye and a shellacking of North Melbourne. Whitfield posted 118 in that game, having averaged a disappointing 77 across the season prior to that. He has had injury troubles, leading to him missing two games prior to the bye, but his performance against North was a sign he’s better for that rest. His price rose only $4k and his break-even is 86, so if you’re not convinced, you could wait another week and if he impresses, he won’t rise too much, given he’s a very affordable $428k.

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