AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Time to target Stewart, is Himmelberg an option & who are the pick of the rookies?

The byes have are two rounds and the overall scores have started to fluctuate. Remember to make your team better over the three weeks and to walk out of the byes with a better team than you started.



There were a few popular rookies in Round 13 that were unfortunately not good for fantasy. With some concussion issues, Owens and Turner were low scorers. We obviously hope that they are ok and healthy going forward.

Best rookies coming into the last bye round. We may get some good cheap rookies soon, but it might be worth paying up for some of these higher priced players that have a bit more job security, even at this time of the year.

Jacob Wehr (AF $313k DEF, BE -9)

He held his spot when Lachie Whitfield returned and in a new-look side he actually moved up onto a wing at stages during the game. Good field position for a three-game player. At $313k he could be a great option. He has already made $123k and will make another $100k if he plays the next three games. He would be one of my best options, based on price and job security. That said he might get dropped this week although GWS might not want to change a winning formula much.

Jake Soligo (AF $351k MID, BE 3)

Coming off his bye, a lot of coaches have him. That said, he is definitely an option to bring in if you don’t. He seems to be hitting his 60s and going along nicely. The Crows like his pressure and skills. They have actively been looking for him in their last few matches. He still has another $60k to make in the next three games if he continues on his current scoring ways. But, of course, $351k is a lot to pay.

Judson Clark (AF $257k M/ F, BE 8)

After a blistering first quarter score of 34, he only scored 30 points in the second and third quarters and none in the last. That is rookie scoring to a tee. He is a great option if he keeps his place, he looked very good. Nice skills and awareness. If he stays in the team, he will make another $100k in his next three matches if he can average 60 points per game. Will hold this week but some job security concerns with Kane Lambert, Jason Castagna and Maurice Rioli not in their 22 on Thursday.

Massimo D’Ambrosio (AF $190k DEF, BE 25)

This is only the second player that I have put into this section that hasn’t played a game. D’Ambrosio scored 106 in the VFL on the weekend and could make his way into the senior side at the Bombers if they look for more dash off half-back, although the Bombers do have a few players in that area already.


With players coming off their byes, along with those who have already had their byes, here are some players that have dropped or may drop price in the next few weeks.

Tom Stewart (AF $870k DEF, BE 131)

After his concussed game before the bye, owners are hoping that Stewart can come out and play the brand of footy that had non-owners scrambling to get him in. He is now priced pretty well for someone that before the concussion game was averaging 122 in his last five games. Now with a high-ish break even, Stewart is possibly going to lose a little more cash. If he averages 100 for the next three matches, then he will drop over $40k during that time. Geelong have a favourable match-up against West Coast this round, so maybe you don’t wait.

Jayden Short (AF $816k D/ M, BE 124)

He has been moved all over the ground, including forward during the last match. His best position is in defence I feel but the CBAs are handy most of the time. With a high break-even, and if he only averages 95 for the next three matches, then Short could be down nearly $60k. He is a good mover on the field. Though he did have a couple of clangers in a row against Port on Thursday night.

Ollie Wines (AF $792k MID, BE 121)

Wines has had an up-and-down year. Early on, besides his heart scare, he seemed to be pottering along really well but the last two weeks, around the bye, have been a bit lower. With lots of coaches bringing him, he would be frustrating at the moment, but he could flick the switch at any second. He could still lose another $20k in the coming weeks, but he really just needs to score well for those coaches that have him or want to bring him in.

Harry Himmelberg (AF $600k FWD, BE -5)

Well, how the season changes with a new coach! Once Leon Cameron was out of GWS, Himmelberg was back to the backline and his scoring became elite. He is averaging 112 in his last three games and went up an astonishing $91k last week. Unheard of levels of cash generation. He definitely isn’t a premium, but at that price, he could be an option. As he is scoring at levels other premiums in the forward line have not hit in a three-week period this year. Himmelberg would’ve been a great option if this happened in Round 4, not so late in the season. With a break-even of -5, he will continue to make more cash. He seems to have the floating defender role in defence, as the third tall. Peeling off and taking marks all over the place. Flag, he’s played favourable West Coast and North in his last three.


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