SuperCoach Price Watch: Clarry & Cripps lead trade targets, Hayes, Rosas & Hobbs among downgrades

It’s the time of the SuperCoach season when coaches are willing to use trades to get ahead and there’s a raft of options following Round 6, so we’ve weighed up some of the price movements.


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Price Rises

If you were part of the 36% of coaches who owned Braydon Preuss (SC $298k RUCK, BE -46), you would’ve enjoyed a massive $94k price rises after tonned up for the third time in his third game. He’s a huge cash cow, who can be played on-field. If you’re not on, he still has a negative breakeven but you’ve really missed the boat.

Sydney onballer Callum Mills (SC $632k MID, BE 36) made coaches sit up and take notice with a 200+ score (214 to be precise), which comes after scores of 117, 130, 70, 147 and 84, so there’s no coherent form line. He has low ownership (1.7%), but that will likely jump this week.

Nic Martin (SC $298k F/M, BE 2) and Nathan O’Driscoll (SC $288k D/M, BE 22) continue to make big coin, both moving up approximately $50k. Josh Gibcus (SC $257k DEF, BE -2) also provided a big $38k boost after his 102 which will have his price moving upwards over the next few weeks.

On The Bubble

Port ruckman Sam Hayes (SC $123k RUCK, BE -97) has shown he can cut it at AFL level, with commendable score of 75 and 94. With Scott Lycett out for 12 weeks, Hayes has job security and needs to be brought in. Trading the injured Jack Hayes to his namesake will be a popular move this week.

Coaches may also opt to downgrade Paddy McCartin after his concussion, so with some DPP magic, you can still bring in Malcolm Rosas (SC $130k FWD, BE -71) after he was a late out for Gold Coast with a minor calf concern.

Pending selection, Finn Callaghan (SC $198k MID, BE -9) and Ben Hobbs (SC $153k MID, BE -10) will burst their bubbles in Round 7 and are possible downgrade targets but come at a higher cost. Hobbs has already drawn almost 10% ownership.

Kai Lohmann (SC $121k FWD, BE -5) sadly injured his ankle in his second game. Essendon’s Kaine Baldwin (SC $123k FWD, BE 19) is limping towards his third game too.

Price Drops

Tarryn Thomas (SC $406k M/F, BE 136) was hyped in pre-season and returned from injury with an ordinary score of 50 seeing him drop $53k. He’s definitely not someone to pick up now, but put him on your watchlist if that form turns and he enters the realms of being a top six forward, as he’ll dip low in price.

Jake Lloyd (SC $513k DEF, BE 122) lost $28k in price after a season-low 71. Lloyd is a perennial top six defender but maybe he’s not anymore, after two scores in the 70s and nothing above 105 this season. But if you think he is, he’s hovering around basement price for him, so it’s time to move.

Christian Petracca (SC $555k MID, BE 119) didn’t reach the century for the third time in his past four games, seeing his value drop $20k. He’s very affordable now and plenty of coaches will not have forgotten his Round 1 score of 163 which showcased his ceiling. Given his 119 break-even, this may be prime time to get him in.

Trade Targets

Petracca will be a popular ‘fallen premo’ trade-in this round, but his Demons team-mate Clayton Oliver (SC $618k MID, BE 73) looms as the major target, having scored 168 yet falling $3k. There’s a lot of safety in that, combined with his season numbers, which includes five 110+ scores, with an outlier of 68 in Round 4. His 168 underlines his bumper ceiling.

Patrick Cripps (SC $521k MID, BE 125) also fell in price despite his score of 139, given he has that injury-affected 38 in his form line. Cripps offers a cheaper alternative to Oliver, almost $100k, and a similar 2022 form line with four 119+ scores with a max of 162 showcasing his ceiling. Plenty dumped him upon his injury, don’t be afraid to bring him back.

Nick Vlastuin (SC $460k DEF, BE 14) is an interesting inclusion in this list, but we wanted to put him in with a word of caution. Vlastuin scored 155 in his second game back from injury which will seduce many, but opponents Melbourne kicked 22 behinds, allowing him to have six kick-ins. That won’t happen every week.

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