Daicos, Marshall, Brayshaw, Heeney, Xerri, JHF: Which players will gain DPP status after Round 5?

After this round of games, AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach will see its first dual position player (DPP) updates, whereby single-position players who’ve occupied certain positions for 35% will graduate in status.


This is quite the norm in AFL Fantasy but a new addition in SuperCoach, so will be foreign for those coaches.

It can be extremely handy, particularly in allowing more flexibility and movement of players between positions in your side, and with targeting new players who’ve gained DPP status.

So Honeyball has looked at a few relevant players on the cusp of gaining DPP, along with those who may miss out.

Will gain DPP

Tristan Xerri (AF $457k SC $315k FWD)

A lot of coaches have been holding out hope that Xerri will gain ruck status, which arguably will come a week too late for those rolling with the suspended Braydon Preuss at R2. Xerri has largely be North’s number one ruck ahead of Todd Goldstein, with just over 70% time in the middle, meaning he’s a lock to gain ruck status.

Nic Martin (AF $422k SC $195k FWD)

The Bombers rookie is set to gain midfield status, which is pleasant news for his owners which equate to 35.6% AFL Fantasy and 65.4% SuperCoach coaches. Martin, who is averaging 91/90 (AF/SC), is currently sitting at 42% midfield time, so unless something drastic happens in Round 5, he should have done enough.

Nick Daicos (AF $545k SC $304k MID)

The most popular player going around will gain defender status as expected. The Rising Star contender has had almost 60% time in defence along with his midfield role and is being viewed by plenty as a long-term D6. Given he just scored 98/92 (AF/SC) in Round 4 and is rolling with a current average of 98/92 (AF/SC), he may even be a D4-D5 by season’s end.

Angus Brayshaw (AF $701k SC $449k MID)

Beyond their trio of premos, Melbourne havenโ€™t been overly relevant this season, but Brayshaw must come into calculations as he’ll gain defender status and has good 2022 averages of 99/101 (AF/SC). The Demon is listed at 100% backline time, so he’s a lock for DPP status, which doesnโ€™t seem to be detracting from his numbers at all.

Others: Connor MacDonald, Luke McDonald, Zak Butters, Scott Pendlebury, Tom Liberatore

Close Calls

Isaac Heeney (AF $777k SC $528k FWD)

The Swans utility had been flagged for midfield time in pre-season and he’s had a mix of that this season, with 16 CBAs in Round 1 and none in Round 4. Heeney is currently just over the 35% threshold for midfield time, but there’s some concerns he’ll drop below that with Lance Franklin out this weekend.

Bailey Smith (AF $872k SC $500k MID)

The Bulldogs running machine has gone under the radar slightly this season after missing Round 2, but he’s currently the highest averaging AFL Fantasy player at 131. He’s also averaging 114 in SuperCoach which cannot be sneezed at, given he’s in the mix for forward status, currently sitting a few percentiles below the 35% threshold.

Others: Luke Parker, Jackson Mead, Pat Lipinski

Will miss out

Jason Horne-Francis (AF $455k SC $306k MID)

North coach David Noble has long spoken about his desire to play the number one draft pick up forward in his first season but injuries to the likes of Tarryn Thomas and Luke Davies-Uniacke and the absences of Ben Cunnington and Jed Anderson have forced his hand. JHF, who is owned by 62% in AFL Fantasy and 74% in SuperCoach, will not gain forward status, having played close to 75% midtime this season.

Josh Ward (AF $381k SC $210k MID)

Another rookie who coaches hoped would gain DPP to offer flexibility, the Hawks youngster has largely been used in the midfield, unless teammate Connor MacDonald. Ward has around 21% forward time this season.

Rowan Marshall (AF $692k SC $463k RUCK)

There was a theory in pre-season to grab Marshall at R2, and move him forward once he gains DPP in Round 6, but if you went down that route, it’s not going to happen. The Saints bigman has been forward 32% this season, but that’s unlikely to reach the threshold with Paddy Ryder out for Round 5, meaning he’ll lead the ruck division alongside either Jack Hayes or Tom Campbell.

Mitch McGovern (AF $457k SC $256k FWD)

Popular in SuperCoach, it had been expected the Carlton swingman would gain defender status given he’s been used primarily down back but his untimely injury means he hasnโ€™t played enough games (four out of five are required) to have his positional status changed. Most wouldโ€™ve traded him out by now anyway.

Others: Jye Caldwell, Tom Mitchell, Max Gawn, Mitch Hinge, Tom Green, Brady Hough

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