SuperCoach Price Watch: Duncan, Hall, Luke Ryan, Clarry & Touk – Taking a closer look at the bargain bin

It’s the start of buying season. Everyone loves a bargain – but in SuperCoach, there’s bargains and then there’s wasting good money.

Written by Chris Leitch @LeitchDawg


With the ripening of rookies, SuperCoaches are in the market for under-priced premium stars as the upgrading begins in earnest.

Across every line are top players who, after two round of price changes, are cheaper than at the start of the season.

But look closely at upgrade targets and ask yourself, why have they lost money?

If you’re convinced they are fractionally off the numbers needed to maintain the high value and they’re about to explode again, snap ‘em up.

But like a second-hand car, if you judge it on price alone, you’re likely to be spending more down the track when it comes unstuck.

Here’s a look at a couple of cut-price players across each line:


Luke Ryan (SC $529k DEF, BE 160) is down $11.3k but he might a worrying proposition, with just one 100+ score this season. Take out his 156 against the Saints and he’s averaging just 13 kicks a game, and his 400 meters gained is more than 100 meters shorter than last year. I’d wait and see if he can recapture some form. Does take most of Freo’s kick-ins.

On the other hand, a couple of North Melbourne lads in Jack Ziebell (SC $538k DEF, BE 165) and Aaron Hall (SC $546k DEF, BE 154) have more appeal. Hall is down $47.1k but his high kick to handball ratio goes well with his average 27 disposals, while Ziebell, who is $26.6 down, had two outstanding rounds and two mediocre, although his five goals against the Swans saw him sneak up to 90.


There are plenty of people looking for a Patrick Cripps replacement, and high on the wishlist are Touk Miller (SC $627k MID, BE 188), Jack Steele (SC $636k MID, BE 128), Clayton Oliver (SC $639k MID, BE 162) and Ollie Wines (SC $555k MID, BE 156)

Miller has dropped $50.5k after a 76 and a 105 but his ceiling is high, as the Gold Coast’s prime mover showed with 137 and 140. Oliver passed 30 disposals for the first three rounds and he’s also getting the ball forward more than last year, averaging 6.8 inside 50s, but he’s $33k cheaper now.

Steele has owners worried after Round 1 but he’s averaging the same number of disposals as he did last year and he’s even raised his disposal efficiency, yet comes in $49.2k cheaper. There was a case to be made for Wines as a lower-cost option but it’s now a wait-and-see after his health scare.


Max Gawn (SC $617k RUCK, BE 86) is down $39.9k about as cheap as he will be for a while, thanks for a 160 against Port Adelaide that included 12 marks and 33 hitouts. That breakeven is well within the sights of the Dees skipper.


There are several high risk picks among the forwards but not many who represent great value. Mitch Duncan (SC $500k M/F, BE 140) is down $40k but spending more time forward, with an increase in his marks inside 50m. With 5.5 possessions a game less than last year, and only half the clearances, he’s still got a way to fall before he looks fair value. He’s had only six CBAs in three rounds.

Falling even harder is Tom McDonald (SC $375k FWD, BE 124) who has come off the boil a staggering $91.7k in just 4 games. He’s down in kicks, marks inside 50m, score involvements, even time on the ground. There’s plenty of forward rookies that have more growth in them yet, so it might be best to leave the forward upgrades for now.

Good luck with the bargain hunt!

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