The Buzz: Danger, Titch, Taranto, what to do with the ruled-out Clayton Oliver? Plus relevant DPP changes

Clayton Oliver has been ruled out with a thumb fracture this round against the in-form Power, creating dilemmas in both AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach for one of the game’s most expensive players.


In SuperCoach, if you traded out uber-premo Oliver – who has the most points in the game in 2022 – it would be very difficult to get him back in (or could you).

And finally we have the last of the DPP changes for this season, do they serve any relevance for this year or are they options we need to look into for the 2023 season?

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Clarry Bargain Buys

With Clayton Oliver (AF $957k SC $723k MID) ruled out, Fantasy players will be considering a trade to utilise that money effectively especially if it’s tight for H2H leagues, while in SuperCoach you’re probably scrambling around to find a replacement off your bench because it would be slightly unwise to be trading the number one ranked player now. 

But, of course, with a lack of decent rookies around, who are the bottom-of-the-barrel mid-pricers/premiums that you can count on to give a decent bit of cover in SuperCoach. For this, I’ve deliberately ignored players over $500k in SC because it’s unlikely you’ll have the rookies or cash available to make a decent upgrade. 

Patrick Dangerfield (AF $614k SC $439k MID)

It’s amazing to see that a former uber premium who once was a staple in our team’s fall to $439k. However, if you watched his performance last week, he was superb against the Dees and managed to score a 105/114 from a 31-disposal effort that included four behinds (imagine if he kicked straight!).

If you just look around the corner from last year, he had very similar performances on the run home which saw him average 108.1 in SC which included an injury affected 21. Take out that 21 and that 108.1 bumps up to 116.8. This was even more impressive considering on four occasions he scored 130+. He has been given his old midfield/fwd role back so on the run home look for him to be a perfect M9 as he’s going to score a 90 or a 150. 

Tom Mitchell (AF $780k SC $478k MID)

Another one you would never have considered to be that cheap. After coming into the season under an injury cloud he’s been somewhat average as in periods he’s scored 100+ in consecutive weeks but on other occasions, he stops scoring at an 80-odd. In the last two weeks however he’s scored back-to-back tons and with dates against the Eagles and Roos in the next two, he looks to be set to score big.

His role has slightly changed from being the number one leading-midfielder to only attending just over half of the centre bounces each week, so for someone who relies on the clearance game to win many points, it is a slight concern but again on occasions this year he has scored big but with the reliance on his ability to win the clearance being required less it could leave him out in the dry to score an 80. 

Tim Taranto (AF $755k SC $442k M/F)

Two weeks ago, I recommended him as cover for a Tim English concussion and since then he’s shown his strong form going on to score 111 and 109 in SC in back-to-back weeks. He’s playing less midfield than he was at the start of the season. One of the great things about Taranto is he isn’t reliant on getting big mid numbers as he tackles a lot and can hit the scoreboard. The past two weeks he’s had 10 and seven tackles respectively which are easy points. Given he’s got that mid/fwd eligibility with him you can easily swing him in both the forward line and midfield if you need cover for each position. 

Trading Clarry to a cheaper premium on the way up

Theoretically, it is a viable strategy if you don’t want to lose points and here’s why. On Oliver’s current average of 130.8, he will have one less game to score that amount. If you were to bring in another premium who was to average 115 for the rest of the year you would end up with 115×6=690 points from them whereas from Oliver, you would only end up with 130×5=650 points. Now, this is not considering that Oliver is probably still the best captaincy option so you would make up points in that sense. But you could very well gain an advantage by a) sideways trading to a premium on the rise (Jack Steele (AF $884k SC $549k MID, Andy Brayshaw (AF $940k SC $580k MID), Callum Mills (AF $884k SC $575k MID)) and bank some cash to make a final upgrade. For sure that is something to keep at the back of your mind if you want to risk it all and split yourself from the rest of the pack. 

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Relevant DPP changes

You may have missed the news that we had our final DPP changes for the year but there hasn’t been a whole lot of big names added but let’s still investigate the most relevant options and how they may help your team in the final six weeks of the year or for 2023.

Rowan Marshall (AF $718k SC $478k R/F)

Marshall was going to be a popular selection last year however an injury derailed that in the pre-season which saw him miss the first few weeks. Once he came back from injury though he was held back by Paddy Ryder’s presence and was forced to play second fiddle in the ruck, that was until Ryder got injured in the last few weeks of the year which It has been a similar scenario this year except this year even when Ryder has been in the team, he hasn’t been the worst. Even still Marshall benefits significantly when he isn’t in the team so while he probably isn’t worth picking up this season, certainly keep him on the watch list for next year or if Ryder falls prey to his injury proneness, then maybe it is worth picking up before the season ends. 

Harry Himmelberg (AF $758k SC $544k D/F)

This one is only relevant if you already own him as he’s probably at his highest price but with the def/fwd eligibility now he can provide you cover down back if need be. However, if you are looking to jump on him this week beware of the potential of him being used as a swingman. In prior weeks we were concerned that the presence of Nick Haynes and Phil Davis would take his role and touches, however with Davis now out with injury his place in that back six should be a bit safer. With the last few weeks, the Giants have been beaten convincingly and have struggled to put a decent score on the board. Once the game is basically dead that is when Himmelberg has been thrown up forward or into the ruck, so for sure this is a buyer beware scenario.

Tom Atkins (AF $699k SC $478k D/M)

This one probably has no relevance but ever sinceAtkins’ move into the midfield, he’s scored 96/80, 82/79, 93/103, 69/99, 100/98 and 108/119. Now while he was already available as a defender having that extra midfield eligibility will assist if they need to cover for an injury in either line or if you’re not happy with an underperforming premium like Short for example. People were expecting the return of Dangerfield and Selwood would throw Atkins out of that midfield however that hasn’t been the case. He’s priced well for his current output and will be a fantastic point of difference in the next few games, although they will have to fit Brandan Parfitt back into that midfield mix which could see him have fewer minutes in there.  

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