No Preuss or Butters, Judson & Hobbs dropped, Grundy return talk ‘premature’, JDG, Danger, Parish & Naitanui return

Braydon Preuss and Zak Butters have not been named after missing recent games, while rookies Judson Clarke, Ben Hobbs, Isaac Chugg and Callum Jamieson are among those dropped amid news on Brodie Grundy’s return.



Key ins: Ryder, Parish, Dangerfield, Tsitas, De Goey, J.Burgoyne (ext), Flynn, Derksen (ext), Culley (ext), Trew, Naitanui

Key outs: Hobbs, C.Stephens, Chugg, J.Clarke, Jamieson

Key holds: Windhager, Parnell, Laird, Jackson, D’Ambrosio, Archer, Mead (ext), Wehr (ext), Blanck, S.Butler, Bazzo

Key absentees: Owens, Dean, Preuss, Butters

Emergencies/Possible subs: W.Hayes, Newchurch, M.Crouch, Hobbs, Gould, C.Stephens, Oea, Chugg, Carmichael


Brodie Grundy (AF $802k SC $544k RUC) had been mooted for a Round 18 return which would impact Darcy Cameron (AF $797k SC $538k RUC) but Magpies coach Craig McRae clarified he’s still several weeks away.

He said: “We’re really pleased with Brodie. He’s back at training this week, he’s been running a couple of times this week and last week and he looks like he’s moving well. He’s progressing to be available in 4-5 weeks. That’s premature (Round 18), I think it’s going be more 19, 20, 21, it’s a progression from here. He’s only just started running.”

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McRae said Jordan De Goey (AF $647k SC $444 M/F) will return for the Pies after personal leave. He said: “Jordy trained really well. He trained with high energy. It looks like he’s in a good place to perform well… I just want him to get into it and be himself.”

It doesn’t look like Nick Daicos (AF $655k SC $440k D/M) will be rested any time soon. McRae said: “The way he’s playing it’d be ludicrous. He’s the number one intercept player in the defensive part. We’re mindful. We mange him loads at training. I thought we’d play him sub a couple of weeks ago but it’s unrealistic.”

McRae revealed Jeremy Howe (AF $503k SC $384k DEF) will miss out due to a virus, prompting questions about a debut for Charlie Dean (AF $190k SC $102k DEF) who has returned from injury in the VFL recently.

On Dean, McRae said: “That will be a discussion, I’m not sure. He trained really well, I thought last week he needed a run (in VFL)… I love setting people up to succeed so whether we throw him in the deep end I’m not sure.”

Dustin Martin (AF $613k SC $441k M/F) had missed some training this week but Richmond coach Damien Hardwick cleared him to play. He said: “Dusty will train today, he just had a day off (on Tuesday). Sometimes we give players a day off for a variety of reasons. He’ll train today and play this weekend.”

Hardwick also clarified the role of Jayden Short (AF $801k SC $498k D/M) when Trent Cotchin and Dion Prestia return. He said: “Yeah I think he’ll stay (in the midfield when Prestia and Cotchin return), he’s been a positive for us.”

Darcy Parish (AF $869k SC $607k MID) looks likely to be named after a calf issue. Essendon coach Ben Rutten said: “We’ve got training today but all indications are that he’ll be right… He’s been able to train a fair bit over the last seven days.”

Eagles coach Adam Simpson all but confirmed the return of Nic Naitanui (AF $620k SC $586k RUC). He said: “We’re really pleased to have him in the side. He’s a leader, he’s an A-grade ruckman… I’m not sure how many minutes Nic will play. But it will be standard. It won’t be 120 minutes in the ruck.”


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