AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Discounted premos, Petracca slide, is Jed an option & can you trade in Owens on the bye?

With the byes upon us, try to make sure that you are making your team better over the three weeks. This week is the hardest week in trading, you are either trading in a player on their bye or trading in a player who has their bye coming up in the next two weeks.

Author: Dale Clohesy @DPC888


Rookies to look at

Brady Hough (AF $306k MID, BE -2)

After making his way back into the Eagles team from being the sub the previous week, Hough scored a 99. Putting him on the radar for a lot of coaches. If he stays in the team he could be a good option this week, though he does have the Round 13 bye. He should make another $35k is he scores a 55 this week.

Jake Soligo (AF $304k MID, BE -6)

A cash generating option at this time of the season is still a key component. You cannot just have throw-away $190k rookies who play for a week and never again, just look at Sydney’s Matty Roberts! Soligo looks like he is playing the brand of footy that the coaches like and he is scoring pretty well now he is back in the team. Again, has the one round 13 bye, so one to consider. Hi price will continue to go up, should he play. If he averages 60, he will go up close to $80k over his next three matches.

Mitch Owens (AF $266k MID, BE -8)

Currently one of the most traded in players for this round, which is pretty amazing as he is on his bye this week. A lot of coaches have a good amount of players this week and are struggling for players to be on-field in Round 13. So if you have say over 20 players on field this week then bringing in Owens could be an option to get a trade ahead as he would play the next two weeks, assuming he holds his spot. He had a great week with 10 tackles and a score 95. But as it’s only his second game of the year, you don’t know how long he will be in for, if he even plays again in Round 13. Be a brave coach to bring him in. If he plays, his price will rocket up over $100k in his next three matches if he can average 60.

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Discounted Premiums

Some options for those who are looking at trading Braydon Preuss. Preuss was still unwell and didn’t play the full game at the lower level this week, so that may have been why he wasn’t picked this week for the Giants.

Tim English (AF $869k R/F, BE 88)

What a great return to the Fantasy world for English. After being out for five weeks, he came back with a bang, hitting 132. Yes, it was only against the Eagles, but English has been in rare form this season and many coaches will be looking to bring him in this week for Preuss. The question will be, by the season’s end, does he end up in your rucks or your forwards, as he should be potentially top few in either based on his scoring at the moment. Even though his break-even isn’t really low, if he keeps up his average, his price isn’t going down anytime soon. It has been going up all season so far.

Reilly O’Brien (AF $746k RUCK, BE 61)

Wham, 159 points, what a return. After being dropped based on form, we believe, O’Brien delivered in the SANFL and then came back to dominate against Geelong. He is one of the fittest players at the Crows and in the leadership group this year. It is a lot of responsibility and so far his season had been a bit underwhelming. But now with a monster score and the Eagles coming up this week, he is an option. He does have the Round 13 bye, which will suit some coaches. With a break-even of 61, his price will go up a lot over the next few weeks, but especially this week. He could be up $100k over his next four matches if he keeps scoring well.

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Other premium options

Tom Stewart (AF $892k DEF, BE 83)

Now as the 11th most expensive player in the competition, Stewart is having a fantastic season. If you take out his first two rounds, he hasn’t been below 93 since then. Having a floor of 90 and the potential highs of 150, which he has gone over twice this season already. It makes for a great option in defence. When will teams try to put a forward tag on him, if they can? Stewart can dominate a game like not many players can in the AFL and in fantasy terms. He comes in as an option going forward and will definitely be one of the top defenders we would assume going through the rest of the season. His price will go up over the next few weeks, making one of the most expensive players in the game. His price could go up another $50k over his next three matches. Are the byes the best time to get him?

Jed Anderson (AF $698k M/F, BE 58)

After being eased back into the season following a delayed start, are we seeing the best of Jed Anderson now? After a 149 against the Saints and being a great points per minute accumulator, could he be an option? He had a heap of CBAs this round and his time on ground has gradually gone up as he has returned. Below $700k and with the Round 14 bye is he the player you entrust to bank some good scores against the Suns and Giants? Definitely capable and has the ability to have free reign in the midfield as he has increased his tackling over the four weeks he has been back. He had 12 tackles on the weekend just gone. His price will go up significantly over the next few weeks as he has a break-even if only 58 this week, but he’s a huge gamble.

Christian Petracca (AF $868k MID, BE 147)

After being unwell and playing out the game, it was heartache for coaches that had him. Would the coaches rather have him named out so they could do something instead, or cop the 40? Especially with so many also captaining him as well. With a massive break-even this week and already being down $62k on his starting price, could he drop down to $820k in the next few weeks? That would make him ridiculously affordable considering he has been over 100 in seven of his 11 games this season.

Isaac Heeney (AF $657k M/F, BE 117)

After starting the season on fire and getting up to $800k, he has dropped $147k since then and he hasn’t scored over 100 since Round 5. He doesn’t look like one of the top forwards anymore unfortunately. Even though had been getting some of the coveted CBAs. His disposal in and around the footy at stoppages is great, but because he either gets the ball out quickly or he doesn’t get the ball at all, his scoring dropped significantly. I cannot believe that I’m going to say this, but Heeney might be best as a half forward that pushes up to the stoppages sometimes to get involved, Dunkley style. He can still play deep forward as he is one of the best overhead marks in the forward 50. If the Swans can settle his position on the field from a fantasy sense, then he might be an option. He will be cheap enough in a few weeks, with another $25-$40k price reduction possible pending his scores over his next few games.

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