AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Merrett, Boak & Gawn sliding in price, time to swoop for Keays & top cash cows

We take a look at some of the big movers in fantasy. The numbers in here are based off previous year’s data and may not be entirely correct. However, they will give you a guide as to what player’s prices rises and falls will be.

Author: Dale Clohesy @dpc888


Best cash cows for next week

Two things finally happened in the rookie Fantasy landscape. Greg Clark finally played in his second game to help out with cash generation, though I am sure that coaches were hoping for at least another 10 points more for his scoring.

The second was that we may have found ourselves a viable defender rookie by way of Luke Cleary from the Doggies with his score of 64. He could be a great downgrade option to then help go up somewhere else in your team.

The other issue with the rookies is that we have found over the last few weeks that job security is key. Many of them are getting dropped or rested, meaning we have red-dots building on our benches and slowing down team cash-generation, which is still essential.

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Greg Clark (AF $313k MID, BE -20)

Yes, he did play and yes he did only score 61. Most coaches would be happy with a 70 I think, if not a lot more, but at least that. He was up against the elite midfield of the Demons and even though he had a few CBA’s, he just didn’t quite get the points this week. He was still great to get in for the cash generation. With a break even of -20 still he is still a great option. Though his score will make people question whether he is on ground or not in your midfield. If he hits 70 for the next three matches before the Eagles bye, he will make another $150k. Still a must have.

Luke Cleary (AF $217k DEF, BE -2)

That’s right, we have a rookie defender, who might have some ok job security and looked good in his first outing. His first three quarters were great for 64, then he went missing in the last. Hopefully saving himself for this week. But he was presenting an looking to be an option of the half back line, and could be a handy acquisition as a downgrade option. At least the Doggies play early on Saturday so we will know if he keeps his place in the team, having come in for the injured Tim O’Brien. If he can average 50s for the next three games he goes up over $100k. One to keep an eye on.

Cooper Hamilton (AF $291k M/F, BE 1)

GWS seem to like his pace off the half back line and he has a real go. Now with a change of coaches at the Giants, we don’t really know what to expect. So many of their team are played out of position. For under $300k still and such a low break-even, he is still an option as a forward maybe. If he hits 55 for his next two matches he goes up another $70k before he has his bye.

Buku Khamis (AF $235k DEF, BE -1)

As another defender-listed player for the Doggies, he gives you an option. His first week was low with a 44, but put up a 57 this week and means his low break even now help him come into contention. He is kicking goals and putting pressure on. He has looked up to the level in both his matches so far. If he can hit 45 in his next three matches before his bye, he will make another $80k.

Premium reductions

There were some shocking scores from premiums this week and hopefully that means that Fantasy players can get in some of them discounted as we come in and out of the upcoming byes.

Zach Merrett (AF $840k MID, BE 158)

Averaging just 79 in his last three due to two score in the 90s and then this week’s 51; one of his lowest scores ever. Some might blame the heavy head-high hit from Rowbottom, but the Bombers were never in the match and weren’t playing well. With such a high break-even and already down $85k on the season, Merrett could be just the pick-up you want after his Round 12 bye.

Travis Boak (AF $821k MID, BE 153)

Boak scoring 38 is not easy to say. Sir Swampthing put out that it is the current greatest streak of a player scoring over 40 Fantasy points in every match. Boak had got at least 40 for the last 300 matches. There is talk he could get forward status, but I think he is still getting way too many CBAs and just had an off week. He had gone under the radar and before this week he was averaging nearly 112. With a break-even of 153 he could be a great option in a few weeks when he comes off his Round 12 bye.

Max Gawn (AF $912k RUCK, BE 148)

After getting injured last week and scoring in the 60s, most coaches were just happy that Max played this week. His score of 87 wasn’t great, but was helped by a 48-point second half. Now after going on a hot streak in weeks 4-7, he will be going down in price over the next few. A break-even of 149 is not out of the question for Max, but maybe not against easier opposition where the Dees might rest. Again a great pick after his Round 14 bye if you don’t already have him.

Ben Keays (AF $885k MID, BE 140)

Usually I write about Fantasy players that have had a really low score and that puts them firmly in our sights. Keays is different. At the start of the season he was one of the highest priced players in the game, due to his phenomenal Fantasy scoring last season. This season, most thought he would regress. However after the first five rounds he had only one score below 114, that being a 96 and he had gone up $60k on his starting price. He was on fire. Since then he has slowed a lot, averaging just 98 in his last 4 matches and going down in price by $85k. He is now cheaper than his starting price at the start of the season. With a break-even if 140 he could be a great option maybe this week or next. Timing is everything when picking these premiums.

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