SuperCoach Price Watch: Steele, Rosas & Preuss among trade targets, Grundy slides, NOD rises

Buying season is firmly underway, with talk among SuperCoach ranks of complex trade plans and using trade boosts, but it’s always wise to shrewdly use that cash you’ve worked so hard to generate.



Brodie Grundy (SC $554k RUCK, BE 150) is causing his owners a lot of grief, with his Round 5 score of 53 seeing his price drop $32k, for a season decrease of $73k. Grundy hadn’t scored below 95 this season, so it may be an aberration and premature to trade him but there is some angst given many opted to dump fellow ruck Max Gawn (SC $639k RUCK, BE 80), before his recent scores of 160 and 130.

Staying in the ruck department, Sean Darcy (SC $594k RUCK, BE 152) has finally dropped in price after a lean start despite his Round 5 score of 121 which might be enough to convince some to jump on.

Trade Targets

Plenty of coaches will be frustrated by the output of Matt Rowell (SC $401k MID, BE 103) and Jason Horne-Francis (SC $316k MID, BE 51) in midfield and be considering an upgrade.

One of the immediate targets this round may be Jack Steele (SC $640k MID, BE 115) who has dropped $45k in price and may not get much cheaper. He has four straight 100+ scores, gradually improving with 111, 121, 125 and most recently 131.

Touk Miller (SC $593k MID, BE 132) has dropped below $600k after losing $33k in price. Miller has four 100+ scores this season but hasn’t been delivering on his uber premo levels of 2021, meaning he’s dropped $84k overall. He’s definitely worth getting on your radar.

Aaron Hall’s (SC $511k DEF, BE 128) hamstring injury means he’s one to monitor upon his return as his price drops further, while Luke Parker (SC $483k F/M, BE 118) has gained forward status as part of the first round of DPP changes and may be an option given his overall price drop of $108k and Round 5 score of 123 displaying his ceiling.


Nathan O’Driscoll (SC $238k D/M, BE -69) topped the list for price rises this round, surging up a massive $71k after back-to-back tons. There was some doubt about the young Docker’s job security but his performances suggest he’ll hold, particularly in a side missing very few of their best 22, whereby a couple of injuries could reassure his spot. If you missed him, his break-even is still in the negative, so you grab him and play him D6 or M8, as long as you can get over paying that extra $71k.

With Paddy Ryder suspended, Jack Hayes (SC $242k F/R, BE -22) punched out a 105 for the Saints seeing him rise up $54k. Hayes has gone up $140k in value this season. He still has a low break-even so you’d want to hold another week but with Ryder available after Round 6 and Port’s rookie ruck Sam Hayes (SC $123k RUCK, BE -26) likely on the bubble then, that looms as a potential trade option prior to Round 7.

Nic Martin (SC $248k F/M, BE -16) and Hugh Dixon (SC $216k F/R, -25) continued to fatten up in price with $50k rises and maintaining negative break-evens, while Jade Gresham (SC $415k M/F, BE 17) has been a successful pick for those who started him, with four 100+ scores and a total price rise of $116k.

On The Bubble

Reef McInnes (SC $159k MID, BE 3) and Jake Stein (SC $207k DEF, BE 13) both burst their bubbles in Round 5, although they’re not scoring at on-field levels.

Gold Coast’s Malcolm Rosas (SC $130k FWD, BE -71) will be a popular downgrade target this round, after scores of 74 and 73, with a cherry ripe break-even. If you needed any more reason to grab him, he also had a few CBAs on the weekend.

St Kilda’s Marcus Windhager (SC $117k M/F, BE -8) has also put together two games, although his scores (43 and 33) has been far less compelling and there’s some doubt about his job security with Zak Jones getting closer to an AFL return.

Giants ruckman Braydon Preuss (SC $204k RUCK, BE -93) is due back after suspension in Round 6 when he’ll move in price upon his third game, but may share ruck duties with Matt Flynn. He has the lowest break-even in SuperCoach and scoring potential after two 100+ scores, so he’s very compelling but adding him may require a re-structure.

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