Devil’s Advocate: Navigating the Stars chaos, which of the newbies plays & which guns benefit?

Another chaotic round has come and gone. Just the two games but it caused enough carnage to put stress on everyone. SuperCoach is a funny game. That’s all I’ll say.

Photo Credit: Patrick Hoelscher/News Images/Sipa USA


However our attention must move to the round ahead, where the Stars play the DGW. The Stars have just announced a 13-player squad and there are some beneficiaries to this squad. Below is the squad and a predicted XI from the SuperCoach Guns.

1. J.Clarke
2. H.Cartwright
3. G.Maxwell
4. J.Avendano
5. T.Rogers
6. C.Wakim
7. L.Bangs
8. Qais Ahmad
9. B.Couch
10. T.O’Connell
11. Haris Rauf
X-factors: Rowe, Crone

Below we explain who the new guys are:

Justin Avendano ($62k BAT)

Avendano has played BBL before, for the Sixers and has had a few really good games, he’s $62k and likely playing both games in the double, he’s not a bad shout. Also has top form in NSW Premier Cricket.

Tom F Rogers ($42k BAT)

Another Tom Rogers, this is bound to make SuperCoach confusing. He’s the leading run scorer this season in Victorian Premier Cricket but will likely bat middle order and not do very much. I’d pass.

Charlie Wakim ($42k BAT)

Experienced Tasmania-based batsman. Another guy who will bat too low to be relevant. Pass.

Lachlan Bangs ($42k BAT)

Same as Wakim but may bowl a bit. Pass.

Tom O’Connell ($62k BWL)

O’Connell is a highly touted leggie from Victoria who has been depth in the Stars squad for a long time. I seriously rate this kid and if I was strapped for cash, I would bring him in immediately. Great option.

Who benefits from this young squad. Well there’s three players who benefit the most:

Glenn Maxwell ($206k BAT/BWL)

Maxi could be in line for more bowling but that’s not what I’m excited about. Maxi will be so heavily relied upon, that he may have to slow his strike rate down a little and face as many balls as possible. Similar to Mitch Marsh’s batting style. Could be SuperCoach gold!

Joe Clarke ($109k WKP/BAT)

Big negative BE, opening the batting and heavily relied upon, this could be a golden opportunity for Clarke to shine. I really like him as a Matty Wade replacement.

Hilton Cartwright ($148k BAT)

All aboard the Carty Party. Hilton could potentially open and be bowling. We’re entering Marcus Stoinis BBL|08 territory here. Hilton could be the pale Marcus Stoinis and with only two pacers in their predicted XI and three pacers in their whole squad, I expect Cartwright to bowl close to four overs. I may captain, I may not.

So there you have it, this rounds Devil’s Advocate wasn’t as doomsday as they usually are, but there is one clear message: all aboard the Carty Party.

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