Devil’s Advocate: The pros and cons of trading out $251k Josh Philippe

Another round has passed and it was a fairly uneventful one at that. No one went berserk and no one popular went super low (besides Glenn Maxwell). The main thing to look at in this round’s Devil’s Advocate is what to do with the highly-priced Josh Philippe?


In most situations, Philippe is a season keeper, however, we’ve seen two lower scores from him, a 33 and a 28. This has resulted in Philippe having a 189 breakeven (BE) and at $251,200, he could be worth a sell.

Below we’re going to assess the pros and cons of selling Philippe and who you could replace him with.

Pros for selling:

At $250k, Josh Philippe has a lot of money tied up in him and with that 189 BE, he’s one bad score away from losing $45k. By taking out Philippe for someone like Ben McDermott ($168k) you extract $80k to upgrade someone like Matt Gilkes to Matt Wade ($142k) and still have $40k left over. You can then bring Philippe back in for McDermott when the Hurricanes have the bye in Round 8 for potentially $60k less than what he is now ($190k).

Cons for selling:

Philippe can go big against anyone, and he’s in good touch so selling Philippe comes with a lot of risk. Philippe is capable of scoring around 150 points on his day so selling him is a huge risk.

It’s worth noting Philippe’s Sixers don’t have any more bye rounds, nor do they have any more doubles.

Trade options:

Ben McDermott ($168k)

Matt Wade ($142k)

Ben Duckett ($115k)

Overall, it’s a risky strategy to sell Philippe but the benefit of bringing in a DGW keeper/bat mitigates the risk in terms of points scored. Bringing in Philippe in two rounds’ time to replace McDermott when Flip is $190-200k could prove to be a master stroke.

Good luck with trades ahead of tonight. Remember the first game between the Hurricanes and Strikers locks out at 6:05pm AEDT tonight!

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