Devil’s Advocate: What if Curran and Christian share the Sixers all-rounder duties?

The boys from the SuperCoach Guns are trying out a new concept called Devil’s Advocate. We will be pushing out more of these scenarios throughout the pre-season and the season proper to discuss the key SuperCoach BBL dilemmas.


Devil’s advocate: It’s a phrase heard often in debating to try and test the strength of opposing arguments. However, this concept can be used in SuperCoach BBL planning. In this case, by using devil’s advocate, you’re planning on how you’ll react for the worst-case scenario.

There are heaps of scenarios that our SuperCoach sides are dependent on and one of these scenarios revolves around Tom Curran. At $201k and with previous SC BBL season averages of 73 and 71.5, he is a certified stud, especially on a Round 1 double.

However, he has never played a game alongside Dan Christian ($184k) in the Sixers XI. So, today’s scary scenario is, “what if Curran and Christian share the all-rounder duties?”

This would cause undoubted chaos as that would have a massive negative impact on both Curran and Christian. So what would you do instead?

The answer to that is simple. Don’t own both of them and have bench depth in case. That way you could trade out whichever one you own, as well as your expensive Brisbane Heat guns (they have a Round 2 double after sharing a Round 1 double with the Sixers, meaning trading them out is ideally the priority) and continue to trade for the upcoming schedules.

That means that you could hold a popular value player like Xavier Bartlett, and play someone like Matt Renshaw in Round 2 instead.

Now with a grander scale lens, we have to find a long-term replacement for Curran, and there’s a few names that could pop up on that list:

D’Arcy Short ($179k BAT/BWL)

Rashid Khan ($198k BWL)

Mohammad Nabi ($139k BAT/BWL)

Marcus Stoinis ($163k BAT/BWL)

Daniel Sams ($203k BAT/BWL)

Smokie: George Garton ($125k BAT/BWL)

All of these names should perfectly replace Tom Curran in the event that there is a duty share at the Sixers. Of course this is such a hypothetical situation but it’s one that can realistically happen.

Hopefully this Curran-Christian scenario isn’t the case and both have stellar seasons but an easy way of safe-guarding yourself is to not own them both, but only one of them. That’ll get yourself out of a sticky situation if it all goes pear-shaped.

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