Expert Q&A: 12,000th-ranked Matt on how he won round 21 of SuperCoach

Long-suffering 32-year-old St Kilda supporter Matt Stafford enjoyed some SuperCoach joy after taking out the Round 21 top score prize when his side, Wraiyth’s Legends, posted a bumper 2,647.

Round 21 SuperCoach winner Matt Stafford

Matt, who is a software engineer and game developer from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, was taken by surprise with the win and didn’t quite believe it until Tuesday morning.

Wraiyth’s Legends had been ranked around 12,000th overall, yet he claimed the round prize, offering hope for those thinking there’s little to play for this season, with the lure of a $2,000 prize (up from $1,000 as a SuperCoach Plus subscriber). He also surged up to an overall rank of 5,825th.

Honeyball caught up with Matt, who modestly downplayed the win pointing to luck, but we probed away to find out more.

HB: You insisted there was a lot of luck in your Round 21 top score. What else do you put it down to?

Matt: Probably a few small things that all stacked up. Having the opportunity to loop Jack Steele’s score as Captain played a part. Sticking fat with premiums who were underperforming – a few weeks ago it was awfully tempting to trade out Tim Taranto but holding him paid dividends this week with 118.

Probably the biggest factor is just having a few PODs – and that can be in who you do own (for me that’s Miller, Marshall, Haynes, Toby Greene) or don’t own (Walsh, Dangerfield, Mills, Bolton). Those were conscious choices I made across the season to try and differentiate myself and push up the rankings, and this week that choice paid off.

HB: Did you think it was possible during the round to win it?

Matt: On Sunday night when I saw some some totals and projected scores, I definitely knew I was set up for a very good score with Oliver and Gawn still to play on Monday. I never thought there was a chance to win the round, and didn’t even check my total until I woke up on Tuesday morning! It still even took a bit to sink in, I double and triple checked thinking “Am I reading this right?”.

HB: Which players would get your 3-2-1 votes for R21 and why?

Matt: 3 votes definitely Jack Steele. Maybe I’m biased as a St Kilda supporter, but his game was awesome, and he was my VC for the round. Aside from that he’s just a joy to watch play.

2 votes to Touk Miller. Been a big POD since I bought him in (only in 9% of teams) and he was a big factor for my top finish this week, scoring 155

1 vote Joe Daniher. Held down the F6 spot admirably this week, and outscored some other popular forward options in Briggs, Bolton, etc.

HB: Looking at your side, it’s basically full premo, when did you reach that point?

Matt: Round 17 was my last premo upgrade, CCJ to Rowan Marshall.

HB: Was your strategy geared towards peaking late in the season and why?

Matt: Yeah, this year specifically it was. Looking at my performances over the past few seasons, I’ve tried to make a run for the overall ranks too early and it cost me in the back end. Last season went from 550 to 1600, and 2019 from 700 to 2300 over that last 1/3 of the season. This season I was aiming to try to hold rookies a little longer and really push up the rankings in that final 1/3 of the season rather than fall back.


HB: What is your general SuperCoach strategy?

Matt: In terms of structuring my side, Guns N’ Rookies. Its tried and true and even this year with lots of tempting midprice options, the best rookie picks were still far more valuable for cash generation over the long run.

Aside from that, as much as us die-hards take Supercoach quite seriously, I try picking players that I enjoy watching as well. In the end its a game so if you can do well and it gives you more interest in some games and players, then it makes it much more enjoyable to play.

HB: Had you used lots of trades in the weeks leading up to R21 (got any trades left)?

Matt: Still have 2 trades left, which I’ve been doing my best to hold onto for the last few rounds. As mentioned above, I’ve tended to fall away in that last part of the season rank-wise, so trying to hold over a few trades for injuries and suspensions (looking at you, Toby Greene) was important for me this season.

HB: How about Connor Downie, assume you’ve had him all season after being named to debut in Round 1 when he was an unused medical sub? Finally came in handy!

Matt: Him and Jack Steele have been a great combination for me! Had him since Round 1 and has served as a great loophole option more than once.

HB: Finally, your best 2 picks this year and worst 2 picks and why?

Matt: Jack Macrae. He’s the highest scoring player across the season so far, and he’s a reliable VC/C option every week. His only sub-100 score is 97 and above 130 more times than I care to count.

Joe Daniher. He was definitely a speculative pick to start the season but he’s barely missed a beat, and while you might get the occasional 40, he has gone off with handful of scores over 90. Hasn’t missed a game, scored more across the season than Bolton, Dusty, Heeney and Dangerfield (who some people have spent multiple trades trading out, then in) and has been a stable F6 in whats been a torrid season for forwards.

I started the season with both Jye Caldwell, and Paddy Dow, and they were both horrible picks. I got caught up in the pre-season hype with both of them, but Caldwell didn’t have the role before getting injured, and Dow just didn’t deliver what we expected. Both were traded out very quickly!

HB: Great stuff, thanks for your time and good luck for the rest of the year and maybe another round win!

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