Whitfield ruled out of Round 18, Fullarton in mix, Duursma closes on return

Popular pick Lachie Whitfield will miss Round 18 after being diagnosed with concussion on Monday, while Tom Fullarton is in the mix to return for Brisbane after bad news for Eric Hipwood.



Lachie Whitfield (AF $770k SC $529k D/M) has been ruled out of Round 18 after failing his concussion test on Monday following Sunday’s loss to Gold Coast.

GIANTS Head of Medical Cullan Ball said: “Lachie obviously got a knock and he’s had some migraine-type symptoms over the course of the last couple of years and that has led to some visual disturbances for him and that’s what happened to him during the game.

“Unfortunately for Lachie his symptoms deteriorated as the quarter wore on and ultimately he was ruled due to those visual disturbances. At that point he was sent to hospital for observation and some further investigations to ensure he didn’t have a facial fracture. Thankfully those investigations came back clear.

“He checked in with the medical staff again today and had his concussion assessment, which he failed, so he’s now been classified as a concussion and will enter the return-to-play protocols and we’ll see how he progresses over the next couple of weeks.”

Xavier Duursma (AF $568k SC $390k MID) is back from injury and played in the SANFL on the weekend, which may be a threat to Miles Bergman’s (AF $451k SC $337k D/F) spot.

Port assistant coach Brett Montgomery said: ” “It is great to see Xavier out there. That is the No.1 thing. Whether he is up for selection is not for me to say right now, but he has certainly made a lot of people happy seeing him out there running around.

“He certainly ran out the second half (against Norwood) a lot better than how he started.”

Brisbane confirmed Eric Hipwood (AF $440k SC $293k FWD) has sustained an ACL injury, ruling him out for 10-12 months. That may positively impact Tom Fullarton‘s (AF $215k SC $164k F/R) selection

In a further boost for Fullarton’s chances, the Lions revealed Connor Ballenden (AF $180k SC $146k FWD) went off with a hamstring injury in the VFL.


Chris Fagan and Chris Scott will both speak to the media while most clubs will put out their weekly injury reports.

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