The Buzz – R17’s burning questions: Mailbag dilemmas, bargain buys & 2022 outlook

This week was a real defining week for overall ranking with the likes of Dangerfield, Parish and Darcy all going absolutely ballistic on the weekend which saw some scores of up to 2700 in SuperCoach.


There was also the not-so-good with coaches having to watch Coleman-Jones muster up a single digit score for the week which really hampered a lot of coaches.

Former SuperCoach top 300 finisher Ethan Lee

We’ll firstly kick off with Twitter questions, list out some bargain buys and finally address some of the newest DPP’s for 2022 you should keep an eye out for. 

Mailbag Twitter Questions

“Rowell to: 1) 170k Rook for cash gen , 2) Dow (Bench/F6 with Amartey) 3) Hold(bottomed out- M8/ or M9 with Newcombe?” @aflbsmith

This one completely depends on what format you are playing. Regardless you will want to ensure the rest of your team is fully upgraded before we go abouts trading out already upgraded players.

While Matt Rowell has been slow to return by his lofty standards, he is starting to build up some form and he is adjusting to the newer style of game. My initial thoughts are to hold him as your best option.

Going through the other replacements, Paddy Dow isn’t the worst option to pick especially since Round 12 he’s found a more consistent inside midfield role which has seen his scoring increase since the start of the year. But in reality could he be a keeper, in that F6 role? I’m not sure of that and potentially you would need to move him on later down the track and he only provides similar scoring to Rowell.

But if you need the cash to upgrade elsewhere it isn’t a bad option. Going down to a bargain basement rookie isn’t one I recommend given that there are currently a lack of rookies and you would be gambling on one which scores just as well as Rowell would at the moment. 

“Marshall as ruck 2 or F6?” @cricket_freakkk

I’d prioritise him as an F6 rather than R2 seeing how a top forward would average a lot less than a top ruckman. But he does provide the flexibility to cover a potential injury to a ruckman.

If your aim is to get to full premo ASAP then him at R2 isn’t a bad thing, but it just means you won’t use him to his full potential. Another option may be Tom Hickey who’s only gone sub 100 five times from 13 games. Marshall won’t be out of reach in terms of price any time soon.

Bargain Buys

With popular rookie selection Coleman-Jones having a stinker due to an injury we’ve unfortunately had to go for some cheaper options to some final upgrades, however there are some cheap premiums which have some upside for the final seven games of the year. 


Jayden Short (AF $686k SC $477k DEF)

With news that Bachar Houli is set to miss the rest of the home-and-away season, Short is set to benefit from this as he will be their number one rebounding defender for that Richmond team.

The first three games of the season Short averaged close to 100 SC points and 90 AF points which is similar to his current average. However after dropping a bit of a stinker last round with a 65 he is set to drop a bit in price. Short will also be the main kick-in taker for these final weeks. While i don’t think he’ll reach the peak we all saw in the pre-season, if he can reach that 100 average for his current price, that will be a steal. 


Elliot Yeo (AF $605k SC $447k MID)

There might be some bias in this pick but hear me out, the two-time All Australian and B&F winner has had a long path from a severe groin injury that made him miss most of 2020 and half of 2021. He finally returned near the bye period and has been managed throughout games to try and get him through the rest of the season unscathed.

Now why should we be picking him though? Especially when West Coast’s midfield has been smashed in back-to-back weeks. Well, Yeo really stood up in the Round 16 game and what I was most impressed with was his points-per-minute at 1.2, so even if he’s playing limited minutes he’s scoring so quickly that it doesn’t matter.

The Eagles should improve given that their next four fixtures are against North, Adelaide, Saints and the Pies so Yeo could go big especially given it is very much crunch time for the Eagles. We shouldn’t forget he is a proven scorer as he averaged 105+ in back-to-back years in 2018 and 2019 before he was struck down with injury. 


Jordan De Goey (AF $574k SC $407k FWD)

De Goey is always touted to play that hybrid midfield/forward role however Collingwood were always stacked in the midfield and lacked up forward. However this year we fantasized a midfield role that never eventuated, until he was given a large opportunity in Round 7 against the Suns and binned it.

But since that day he’s gone on to find a nice balance of around 50/50 mid/forward time which sees him average around 25 disposals and a goal or two. Why do I think this is good? Well previously De Goey needed a huge bag of goals for him to score well but now as a part-time midfielder he can diversify his scoring profile with more possessions, marks and tackles while still keeping some goals.

His ceiling will lower slightly but his floor will rise drastically and this should definitely help his scoring become more consistent and make a great F6 option at the end of the year especially given his current price. 

New SuperCoach DPP’s for 2022

This morning the Herald Sun released an article which revealed some likely new and adjusted DPPs for next year’s SuperCoach season. Now I know what you’re thinking. There’s still 7 weeks left of this season. Why not talk about this? The honest answer is there isn’t really much to discuss because I know for many your teams will be at full premium, so why not get a head start for 2022. 

There is a long list of players who have been given DPP, however the biggest we need to look for is who we have to pick in the forward line. This is because most of our forwards either turn into mid only or defender only, however for next year we can already confirm likes of Jack Billings (Mid-Fwd), Mitch Duncan (Mid-Fwd), Lachie Hunter (Mid-Fwd) and Tim English (Ruck-Fwd) as options you should be close to picking for Round 1

Coaches will be familiar with Billings being a frustrating mid-forward back in 2018 option where he averaged a measly 85.2 (AF) / 80.6 (SC) however when he lost that DPP status in 2019 and 2020 he averaged close to 95 in both formats, while he hasnt been as prolific in 2021 taking a step back averaging sub 90 again. The Saints have also been absolutely shocking for the first half of the year but have shown glimmers of promise that they can rebound in 2022. Billings is certainly a barometer for them as prior to last week he had scored almost all his tons in wins. While he might not be a lock for Round 1 in 2022, we’ve seen how disastrous forwards can be so a 95 average forward might not be terrible especially if he’s underpriced

Mitch Duncan is always an underrated midfielder in the fantasy formats of the game as in his prime he had to compete with the likes of Selwood and Dangerfield so many would leave him out of their sides. But in the last 5 years he is a very proven 100+ averaging midfielder with a peak of 112 (AF) /109 (SC) in 2017. He is fairly durable, missing only 4 games between 2016 and 2020, however an interrupted pre-season and some misfortune this year from a concussion and a contact knee injury has meant he will sit out the rest of the season with 10 games to his name. He earns his DPP status playing more half forward which might scare some people off but take out those injury affected games he was a 110 averaging player in both formats which would comfortably be within that top 6 bracket. He will also start slightly underpriced because of his injuries at the end of the year. Absolutely lock him in for Round 1 at this stage

When Lachie Hunter returned from his suspension in 2020 he went absolutely ballistic averaging 115+ in both formats from his 9 games. He didn’t have this explosive scoring in 2021, in fact it dropped off astronomically as he got shifted to a half forward role. However injuries to key dog mids has meant Hunter got to play his beloved Wing role and post missing injury in Round 8, he has gone on to average close to 95+ in both formats. While I don’t like that his role varies so much, he is very much a proven scorer as between 2016 and 2018 he was averaging 100+. I don’t think he gets back to this scoring but again a 95+ averaging forward is very much in that elite bracket. Consider what his price is next year and if he is locked into a wing role at the very least then get very close to picking him in round 1. 

Tim English is supposed to be the ruckman of the future and while he did have an upward trajectory since the start of his career it has gone the wrong way in 2021 as he has played 2nd fiddle to Stef Martin and Jordan Sweet early on this year. While this structure worked for the Dogs it did hamper his scoring a lot dropping around 15-20 points (depending on what format you play). Even when both Martin and Sweet were out of the line-up his scoring hasn’t been to flash with only one ton against the Eagles to note.

But why do I think he’s a good win to have, we’ll we are always deprived of ruck/forward options in our teams, while we did have Marshall this year and possibly next year he was injured throughout and did not provide the back-up we needed when Grundy went down. English will also be coming into his 6th season of AFL football, he’ll be able to continue to build on his body strength to compete with the big ruckman in the competition. Looking back Grundy in his 6th season made the jump to being arguably the number 1 ruckman in the league and while I’m not suggesting that English is going to make this astronomical jump, he’s certainly going to do better than a current average of 76.4 (AF)/82.9 (SC) especially when he’s going to be tapping to an elite Bulldogs midfield 

So while we do have these additions for our forward lines in 2022, we’ll also have the likes of Dunkley, Zorko, Dusty, Bolton, Sidebottom, Dangerfield, Smith, Marshall and Butters to select in our forward line in 2022, so it does sound like we’ll have plenty of premiums to pick in 2022, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself as we saw what happened this year with our forwards.

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