Expert Q&A: If Isaac can finish 9th in SuperCoach, anyone can!

Passionate Melbourne Demons fan Isaac Wengier’s side WHALEOILBEEFHOOKED sat top of the 2020 SuperCoach rankings for six rounds last year but eventually slipped to finish ninth overall in a roller-coaster finish.

He lived it all out on Twitter after being boosted when he won Round 8, shooting him into top spot.

The 34-year-old home loans specialist from Bentleigh East insists there was nothing special about his strategy, instead insisting his example shows anyone can finish top 10 or even win SuperCoach, with a bit more luck or shrewder trades.

“Anyone can do what I did,” Isaac laughs. “I’m no analyst. I’m someone who’s played it for a long time and got a bit of luck with the shortened season and shortened quarters. I’ve no wisdom!”

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HB: It was a huge year finishing top 10, plus you won a round!?

Isaac: Hah yes! It happened in Round 8. I hit 2629 for the round. That took me up to first. I know a big factor was Luke Ryan in that round, as I got him the week before and people hadn’t jumped on. He delivered a big score.

I had Max Gawn as skipper. He got 41 hitouts and 157 SuperCoach points, so that was pretty good. He usually got my armband.

But to finish top 10, I got a grand, some KFC vouchers and a tracksuit. I also got a grand for winning the round. For a free comp and something I love doing every year, it was pretty awesome. It’s sitting in savings. There’s nothing to spend it on with no travel.

HB: Take us through the year?

Isaac: I was top until Round 13. Then I went second to fifth, back to second, then dropped to 11th. Round 17 was where I really stuffed up with 2098. I had some really average rounds too. I thought I wasn’t even going to make top 10 but I had a strong finish.

Round 3 I was sitting pretty but I got really affected by that postponed Essendon-Melbourne game. To finish ninth and even be first, I was really shocked and shows not everything needs to go your way. It was best 18 but I had Gawn, Devon Smith, Jack Viney, Clayton Oliver and Christian Petracca. There were six in total. I did well to bounce back.

HB: Let’s talk about your SuperCoach philosophy?

Isaac: Probably not jumping the gun with any trades. We had more trades last year but being sensible, especially at the bye rounds was crucial. I made sure I had three for each of the bye rounds. I made sure I didn’t over-use them prior to that. I wanted to make sure I worked the bye rounds right.

Also letting your rookies grow as high as possible in value before chopping them, not seeing some other rookie who is growing in price after one or two games and flicking your rookie to him, even when your guy is still going to make money. Sometimes the rookie you bring in does nothing.

That’s something that went wrong for me. I brought in Mark Keane from Collingwood and he played one game.

Another big thing for mine is not pulling the trigger on trades until I know I need to make that trade. I would not make my trade until the day of the trade. I definitely mull over them but wait. I didn’t want to fall short of not having enough players or having a big out and no one to replace him.

To read the whole interview with Isaac, purchase the Honeyball digital magazine now for only $5.95 via this link.

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