Expert Q&A: Current SuperCoach BBL leader reveals what’s gone right

Kyabram teenager Dan Anderson is currently top of the SuperCoach BBL standings with a healthy 98-point lead aided by a sound double game strategy, planning, wise selection choices and a touch of luck from Mother Nature.

Much to his frustration, Dan’s Dominators missed out on the Round 2 top score prize by only three points to the ShivaBlasters but he’s chuffed to be top of the overall standings although he admits there’s a long way to go.

The 19-year-old Woolworths worker, who is planning to go to university next year to study to become a teacher, has a proven track record, finishing 103rd in last year’s SuperCoach BBL rankings.

Being from country Victoria, he (known on Twitter as @DanBBLSC) loves his SuperCoach AFL too, finishing 1600th overall in 2020 and inside the top 1000 in 2019.

Thus he’s clearly shrewd when it comes to fantasy sports, so Honeyball decided to catch up with him to discuss his strategy and philosophy.

HB: Firstly you’re top of the rankings after two rounds, what’s gone right?

Dan: Lots has gone right, for once.  My original layout was filled with Stars ready for their Round 1 double and Hurricanes for their Round 2 double.

In Round 1, I saw last minute that Tim David was picked for the Canes and Jack Edwards for the Sixers as cheapies for my bench so chucked the emergency on them. They performed allowing me to pick two extra Strikers in my initial line-up. I credit Tim David for a lot of my success so far and has been my best pick of the season along with Jimmy Faulkner and Dan Worrall.

HB: What do you think has been the biggest factor, luck or strategy?

Dan: In terms of luck, the wash-out of the Stars game helped me a lot as I traded Zampa, Maxwell and Stoinis after Round 1 while keeping Coulter-Nile in the team (but on my bench) purely for his cash generation. I prayed for rain to save me in that game and it did, lucky as I could get there.

Double games are my main strategy and I go hard at it, I had 10 Canes/Strikers players heading into Round 2 and will have 6-7 Strikers for Round 3 for their double game. This is the best way to maximise your score each round and boost ranking each week.        

HB: How do you lay out your original team?

Dan: All-rounders are always a focus as they tend to be the best scorer, my original team was mostly based of doubles in the first three weeks but as we get into Round 4/5 when there are no double games all-rounders/players with great SuperCoach scoring history will be my main focus.

HB: You were 103rd in SuperCoach BBL last year too, so you’ve got a strategy/philosophy that works. tell us about it?

Dan: It mostly comes down to pure luck and a bit of research into coming rounds and what double games are coming and getting prepared rounds in advance. I also like to pick pretty common and safe players which can hurt at stages but seems to work quite well.    

HB: How about cash generation. Does that concern you much in BBL?

Dan: Cash generation certainty doesn’t worry me as much as the AFL version as we get many trades to burn throughout the year. A player like Jack Wildermuth is one I may potentially trade in this week as his cash rise is going to be huge while he seems to be in some great form.

I purely kept Coulter-Nile over Maxwell this week based on cash generation. It is important but it’s not something I focus on largely.

HB: How about points of difference? Or do you prefer proven players?

Dan: I don’t tend to target points of difference and pick pretty common players but if you’re looking to boost yourself it’s something that has to be done, can be risky but the reward could be even better. Proven players are the way to go in my previous SuperCoach experience.       

HB: Do you worry about break-evens?

Dan: Break-evens have never been a major focus but I think it is important to maximise cash gen to get the best players possible. 

HB: How much cash do you leave on bench/emergencies?

Dan: My bench normally starts as cheap as possible with rookies who will make some cash before picking some more decent cheap backups.

HB: How do you select a captain each week?

Dan: I like to play it very safe with captaincy unless I’m behind in a head-to-head, but mostly will pick the most popular option based on form and double games.

HB: Any advice for coaches in BBL|10, once we go beyond regular double games and byes?

Dan: My advice would be to make sure you’re always trading and getting things in order as the turnarounds are quick. Research into coming rounds is also key allowing you to load up on teams with double games coming.  

HB: Final piece of wisdom?

Dan: Trade hard, no point sitting on good players that have a bye, three trades a week, trade them out and trade them back in easy as.

HB: Dan, it’s been an absolute pleasure! Good luck this year maintaining that lead!

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