AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Business time, the uber premos you need for the final four rounds

With so many issues in our AFL Fantasy teams every week, bringing in the right player who is going to pop and produced those big scores is the art of the final few rounds.

Author: Dale Clohesy


Some players are going on massive scoring runs and picking them up now is the way to go as they possibly become the highest averaging players over the last six weeks of the season in their positions.

They may not necessarily be the highest averaging players for those positions at this stage of the season so far.

The rucks have gone from being a line where everyone has been out or out of form to this week three big targets hitting the mark.

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Max Gawn (AF $778k RUC)

His game was right up there with one of his dominant best with 25 possessions, eight marks and 40 hit-outs leading to a massive 133. He looked back to the Max of old, after scores of 70 and 75 following his recent from an ankle injury. His role won’t change, taking 24 of 35 CBs, but with such a tight race for the make-up of the top four over the final few rounds, the Dees will throw everything at a top-two spot which should help Max go big. The Dees have Sean Darcy’s Fremantle next in the first game of Round 20.

Tim English (AF $818k F/R)

Matched up against Gawn, finally English looked back to his early season form putting up a 116 and along with a few other Doggies he helped them overcome the Dees for the win. Even despite losing the hit-outs, he was everywhere around the ground with 20 touches and was used by his team in so many more circumstances. That running handball receive for a goal from 50m was pretty special. Ten marks and three tackles pushed his score well up, with two goals to help as well.

Rowan Marshall (AF $759k R/F)

With Paddy Ryder going down, many coaches went to Marshall this week in the hope he would put up a big score against the Eagles. He delivered with a 108, though a 40-point last quarter was a big saviour after a solid but not outstanding fantasy score up until then. For those coaches that bought him in already they will probably hold, whereas most other coaches will probably try for with English or Gawn in the ruck, though Marshall is an option in the forward line. He’ll face Hawthorn, Geelong, Brisbane and Sydney in his run home.

The rest of the field has some pretty high flyers and some elite players are coming home with a wet sail.

Marcus Bontempelli (AF $868k M/F)

The in-form forward of the competition dragged his team over the line for a win. His last quarter alone had such an impact on the game, let alone that this also translated into a decent fantasy score as well, which is not always the case. He had 39 points out of his 125 in the last quarter. This score adds to his impressive form of late, 117 in his last five and he is trying to lead from the front to get his Doggies to stay in the eight. Sidebote, the Doggies have never made finals the year after playing in a Grand Final. This effort by the captain reminds me of Jack Steele last year for the Saints as they were in a similar position.

Rory Laird (AF $1.06m MID)

Some coaches were hoping that Laird would go down in cash this week so they could maybe bring in the form player of the competition. He went up another $27k this week. He put up another monster score of 138, so his numbers are insane so far this year. Of his 16 games, 13 have been above 110 and 10 of them have been over 120. Generally, he hits all the stat lines, though some more marks would be great. However, his average of over eight tackles per game is pumping on average 32 points per game to his fantasy score. His last three average is still over 144, wowski.

Callum Mills (AF $904k MID)

Mills has been scoring really well, though some fantasy coaches are concerned about his role as each week it seems to be so varied. He gets thrown behind the ball when things aren’t going well for the Swans, he gets out on a wing and then five minutes later he can be on the ball and scoring 30 points in 10 minutes. It can be a wild ride. His three-game average is nearly 133 and has the ability to go over 125, which he has done six times this season already, including going above 148 three times as well.

Zach Merrett (AF $918k MID)

Merrett is in the same sort of position as Laird. His team isn’t making finals and any game plan at the start of the season for more even rotations etc have gone out the window. So Merrett has been let loose in the midfield, especially with Darcy Parish out, and is generally been sought out by his teammates due to his usually high level of disposal. He was well on track for a big score again this week as he was on 111 at three-quarter time and unfortunately only scored 10 in the last quarter as the game came to an exciting climax for the Pies with a goal on the siren to win it.

Jack Steele (AF $930k MID)

Steele is trying to put the Saints on his shoulders and get them into the finals. This is like the back end of last season when the Saints were in a similar position trying to make the eight. He may continue to average really high for the next few weeks. Steele scored a round high 154, including a 92-point second half, which was incredible, although it came against West Coast who are conceding big scores. It also amped-up his last three game average to over 130, though in his last five since coming back from injury he hasn’t gone below 114.

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