SuperCoach Price Watch: Trac is back & sky-rocketing in value, radar on Steele & Taranto and Tunstill headlines rooks

Injuries are causing chaos with limited trades remaining, so spotting value options is critical right now. If you’re lucky to avoid the carnage, now is the time to strike for a few well-priced premiums too.



Christian Petracca (SC $526k MID, BE 19)

The Demons onballer marked a major return to form after four successive sub-100 scores with a monster 189 against Adelaide, aided by three goals in a midfield/half-forward role. Petracca showcased his ceiling which will draw in potential owners given his break-even of 19 which will see his price soar, after going up $48k this round. The ceiling is attractive but the volatility is a concern.

Clayton Oliver (SC $711k MID, BE 95)

Owning Oliver is separating the best from the rest at the moment and his Round 16 score of 176 means he’ll simply keep going up in price, moving up another $27k beyond $700k which is staggering. Oliver has six hundreds in a row with a low score of 113. Among that run is five scores of 134 or more. He’s an automatic C/VC choice for owners too.

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Jack Sinclair (SC $577k DEF, BE 105)

For those who traded out Tom Stewart last round, Sinclair may have been the best solution, scoring 150 in Round 16. Remarkably, his price didn’t change at all, given he only managed 79 against Sydney in the previous round, so he’s affordable still. He hasn’t missed a game this season and tonned up in all but three. Looks a lock for a top-six defender.

Jack Steele (SC $543k MID, BE 92)

Sinclair’s Saints teammate Steele dropped $11k in his second game back from injury but you’d imagine that price will start going up again now, following scores of 107 and 115 having managed only 74 in his injury-affected Round 9 game. Whether or not Steele is a top-eight midfielder is the pertinent question but he’s bloody cheap right now given his quality, consistency and ceiling, so it’s time to strike.

Tim Taranto (SC $429k M/F, BE 81)

Similar to Steele, Taranto is under-priced following two games after a back injury, but his Round 16 score of 111 will draw attention, having returned with a below-par 56. Taranto drops $7k this round but his break-even suggests he’ll start turning now. In terms of role, he attended eight of the 22 CBs on Sunday, playing a bit forward in wet conditions where his 10 tackles helped along with 24 kicks.

Injury Issues

Owners of Dayne Zorko (SC $391k D/M), Aaron Hall (SC $495k DEF), Daniel Rich (SC $538k DEF) and Isaac Heeney (SC $452k M/F) were all left frustrated after injuries. The latter needs to be monitored for his availability next round but the rest seem set to miss at least next week, but finding a suitable trade at this stage of the season is tough. Zorko dropped $39k in price with his early injury, making moves extremely difficult but his 2022 injury history suggests he’s got to go.

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James Tunstill (SC $117k MID, BE -43)

Pending selection, Tunstill is the obvious choice for a rookie downgrade given he’s on the bubble after scores of 73 and 38. He was impressive against the Dogs and with injuries to Zorko and Rich may have some job security, despite the likes of Mitch Robinson, Deven Robertson and Rhys Mathieson knocking on the door.

In saying that, you never know about a rookie’s job security in a top-four side, so there are alternate options, albeit not on the two-game bubble led by Port’s Jase Burgoyne (SC $117k D/M) who scored 65 on debut. There’s also Bulldog Dominic Bedendo (SC $413k FWD), West Coast’s Zane Trew (SC $123k MID) and Gold Coast’s Hewago Paul Oea (SC $123k M/F) who scored 41, 49 and 49 on debuts respectively. Ultimately at this point of the season, job security is more important than cash gen for the sake of cover.


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