SuperCoach Price Watch: Rioli, Carroll or Hamilton & which rookie goes next? Brayshaw & Cameron loom as value

Who is the pick of the rookies on the bubble, which first-year players need to go ASAP and where is the value at with players dropping in price or finding form in improved roles. We’ve tried to help.


On The Bubble

Maurice Rioli (SC $123k M/F, BE -92)

The Richmond small forward tops the options this round, fresh from scores of 72 and 92 with a prime break-even. There are some concerns about his job security in a Richmond side getting players back, but his form has been good enough to hold for now as he’s likely gone past Jake Aarts. One flag is he has had two easier opposition to score against. Has the Round 12 bye.

Jack Carroll (SC $123k MID, BE -82)

Carroll has scored 59 and 95 against Adelaide and North respectively, also two easy sides to score against. With George Hewett to return, there’s also some job security concern for Carroll, although Carlton coach Michael Voss has said he would’ve played Round 1 if not for pre-season disruptions, so he’s clearly rated highly. Offers less flexibility as a mid only. Also has the Round 12 bye.

Cooper Hamilton (SC $102k M/F, BE -63)

Hamilton has managed scores of 55 and 68 so far, rotating off half back. The rookie has had eight tackles in his two games, boosting his numbers. Remarkably, Hamilton also had the Round 12 bye so that won’t be a factor in differentiating the trio.

There’s also Greg Clark (SC $117k MID) who is due to return for his second game for West Coast and offers an on-field option given he tonned up on debut.

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Burst bubbles

Robbie McComb (SC $153k MID, BE -47)

The Dogs mature-age midfielder went up $50k this week after scores of 73, 63 and 37, rewarding those who jumped on for his bubble-breaker with a season-high score. There’s still job security worries in an inconsistent Dogs side, with Lachie Hunter’s availability a factor too. Tough to jump on now, but his break-even is still low.

Paul Curtis (SC $154k FWD, BE -3)

Contrary to McComb, the North forward produced a season-low score of 33 on his bubble-breaker after previous scores of 58 and 58. With North getting comfortably beaten again, there’s scope for him to lose his spot, although they’re short on replacement options. Not someone you’d jump on now.

Neil Erasmus (SC $189k MID, BE 20)

Went under the radar after losing his spot after two games, but still owned by 3%. Burst his bubble as medi-sub at three-quarter time, which can be a disaster, but he managed 21 points in no time, racking up eight disposals and two tackles in a quarter. If you can ride him, he’s got the Round 14 bye.

Sliding into value

Andy Brayshaw (SC $570k MID, BE 122)                    

Dockers onballer Brayshaw has had a stellar year but his price has gradually slipped after his Round 7 score of 77 from his season high of $622k. Brayshaw dropped $10k this week after a score of 134, meaning his break-even is achievable and now may be the time to strike if you want him. He’s surpassed his current BE (122) four times this season.

Jordan Dawson (SC $519k DEF, BE 75)

Coaches considering a defensive upgrade will consider the Crows backman who is fresh from a score of 134. He’s averaging 103.4, but buyer beware, he’s only tonned up three times this season, albeit with four scores in the 90s.

James Sicily (SC $569k DEF, BE 84)

Sicily soared up $17k this week and has gone up $122k across the season. The reality is he’s arguably a top-six defender, given he’s averaging 111.8, tonning up in every game bar one. Owned by 40%, he looks like a must-have ASAP.

Darcy Cameron (SC $368k FWD, BE -8)

As a left-field pick, Cameron’s scores have spiked since taking over ruck duties from the injured Brodie Grundy, scoring back-to-back tons with 108 and 115. Could you? At 1% ownership, he’d be a POD and he looks like he’s got the role for a while, with Grundy out for months. Awkward price, but could be an option for a cash grab if you’ve lost patience in Zak Butters (SC $421k M/F, BE 105).

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Rookie offloads

Jason Horne-Francis (SC $314k MID, BE 59)

The number one draft pick isn’t delivering on field anymore, so owners will be eager to move him on. JHF hasn’t gone above 70 in his past four games, despite a midfield role, so it’s hard to imagine things improving, although it’s worth noting his past three games have been against three of the toughest six sides to score against. It’s a long way off, but he does have the Round 14 bye which is the ideal time to offload solid rookies.

Nathan O’Driscoll (SC $296k D/M, BE 55)

Owners will likely look to cash in NOD who dropped in value for the first time this week. He’s still got an achievable break-even but he definitely needs to be upgraded if on-field, having averaged 53.3 across the past three games. Also has the Round 14 bye.

Josh Ward (SC $248k MID, BE 46)

There’s potentially some value left in Ward, who was rested in Round 7, before returning with 53. He is averaging 49.7, so he’s not an on-field option. He had 12 CBAs in Round 8, so there’s the role for a scoring spike.

Josh Rachele (SC $256k M/F, BE 63)

Plenty have already jumped off the Crows rookie, who hasn’t scored above 50 in his past four games, yet managed two tons earlier in the season. He was the perfect rookie to dump a fortnight ago. He’s lost $34k over the past two games, so if you own, it’s time to go.


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