AFL Fantasy Price Watch: Clark, Hayes, Curtis, who’s the best cow & Gawn & Cripps among top trade targets

We take a look at some of the big movers in fantasy. The numbers in here are based off previous year’s data and may not be entirely correct. However, they will give you a guide as to what player’s prices rises and falls will be.


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Big risers

Braydon Preuss (AF $536k RUCK, BE 8) churned out his second 100+ score this season, seeing his price jump up $69k. He’ll continue to rise towards $600k given his scoring trajectory and low break-even. If you don’t own and you’re looking for solutions to the Brodie Grundy issue, he’s a great answer.

Sam Hayes (AF $258k RUCK, BE -15) is delivering great cash gen for owners and is still very affordable, with excellent job security. If you don’t own him, he should be on your radar for this round.

Nathan O’Driscoll (AF $398k D/M, BE 7) might not have produced a bumper score in Round 6 but he soared up another $52k, while Josh Gibcus (AF $336k DEF, BE 6) rewarded patient owners with a score of 89 to revive his cash gen.

Best cash cows for next week

In terms of downgrade targets beyond the aforementioned Hayes, West Coast’s mature-age draftee Greg Clark (AF $190k MID, BE 25) has got tongues wagging with a potential debut after Elliot Yeo’s concussion and his own two WAFL games after a pre-season shoulder injury. Given his price and decent WAFL form, he’d be hard to ignore if he gets named to debut. Whether he has job security, may largely depend on how he performs.

Eagles teammate Luke Strnadica (AF $213k RUCK, BE 2) scored 58 on debut and that may be enough to hold off Hugh Dixon (AF $329k F/R, BE 0) if there’s any doubts about his calf injury. In saying that, Dixon likely regains his spot soon, so Strnadica doesn’t have strong job security.

Dogs mature-age recruit Robbie McComb (AF $210k MID, BE 5) showed a bit in his debut and may have a role in Lachie Hunter’s absence, while Geelong’s Ollie Dempsey (AF $207k FWD, BE 9) got a chance and did OK but may lose his spot with Patrick Dangerfield likely back this round.

Of all the Round 6 debutants, Paul Curtis (AF $242k FWD, BE 10) arguably has the best job security and did decently with a score of 57, with 11 disposals and four shots on goal.

Gold Coast’s Malcolm Rosas (AF $276k FWD, BE -10) is at an awkward price if you’re looking to pull off an upgrade-downgrade. He will re-pay you if you spend the extra $50-70k to get him instead of an untried rookie or unproven debutant, given he has job security and consistent scoring ability. He was a late out in Round 6 with a calf issue but looks set to play this round.

Trade targets

Coaches may get funky with how they resolve the Grundy problem, especially with DPP options, although Max Gawn (AF $905k RUCK, BE 87) will be firmly in the sights of many after a run of three 115+ scores. Beware, he is mighty expensive and there is value in the ruck line, but he is the best scoring ruck available.

Consider fallen premos Ollie Wines (AF $856k MID, BE 133), Touk Miller (AF $874k MID, BE 131), Marcus Bontempelli (AF $832k MID, BE 128) and Jake Lloyd (AF $774k DEF, BE 122) who probably won’t get much cheaper. But paying slightly up there’s Clayton Oliver (AF $881k MID, BE 107) and Callum Mills (AF $887k MID, BE 79) fresh from scores of 129 and 162 respectively.

Patrick Cripps (AF $811k MID, BE 102) is slightly cheaper than all the aforementioned midfield premos and just scored 123, with his injury-affected 36 meaning his price is affordable for now. Hard to pass up, given he shrugged off any injury concerns in style in Round 6.

Finally, we wanted to flag Brisbane’s Keidean Coleman (AF $370k D/F, BE 17) who returned from a pre-season hamstring injury with an excellent 83 in Round 6. He had been earmarked in pre-season in a new half-back role which he impressed in during last year’s finals. If you’ve got an under-achieving mid-pricer or premium, he may be an option to turn to with his DPP status an added bonus.

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