Who are this year’s second-year AFL Fantasy & SuperCoach breakout candidates?

The second year break-outs can be competition winning picks if you can get on them at the right time in AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach given the value they offer but they always come with risk.


That said, some seasons there are no players in their second year that increase significantly enough. They still go up by the obligatory 10-15 points due to more time on ground, another pre-season under the belt, and more opportunity. But, it is still so hard to pinpoint the one player that might go bang and really increase their average to above 85 in their second year.

In the past we have had some amazing second year performances, that have averaged over 85 for the season. Here are a few:

Zach Merrett 67.7 to 90.4 avg (AFL Fantasy avgs)

Tim Taranto 61.4 to 90.9 avg

Clayton Oliver 68.9 to 101.5 avg

Jack Macrae 63.5 to 104.3 avg

Something you will note is that there are not players mentioned from every season in here. But is this year going to be the year where another young gun gets a massive uptick in their scoring?

Here are some of the options that I have selected and looked at for you in no particular order.

Will Phillips (AF $366k SC $260k M/F), North Melbourne

2021 avgs: 44 in AF, 48 in SC from 14 games.

In his first season in the AFL he didn’t hit the highs that were expected of him based on his junior years of scoring. Though he did have limited game time in is final year before being drafted due to COVID cancelling the underage season. He’s still at an attainable price.

Braeden Campbell (AF $414k SC $293k DEF), Sydney

2021 avgs: 53 in AF, 54 in SC from 8 games.

He looked good early last season, though he didn’t always score well. Then was injured and only managed the eight games. With Jordan Dawson leaving, there is a potential position for him to cement himself in the team.

Nik Cox (AF $471k SC $308k MID), Essendon

2021 avg: 56 in AF, 57 in SC from 20 games.

As they keep saying, he could be anything. Nicknamed the unicorn by some in the media. Probably doesn’t have the scoring potential. But another pre-season now behind him, he will definitely get opportunity.

Archie Perkins (AF $421k SC $272k FWD), Essendon

2021 avg: 50.2 in AF, 50 in SC from 19 games.

Looks like he might be moving through the midfield a bit more. Also looking like he has a lot of time when he has the ball. An uptick in scoring for sure. How much, who knows?

Tom Powell (AF $574k SC $368k F/M), North Melbourne

2021 avg: 69.5 in AF, 68 in SC from 13 games.

Had one of the best averaging years for the 2020 draft stocks. Though limited games made it harder for him. This season with more opportunity could see an improvement. Though North do have a very deep midfield at the moment.

Heath Chapman (AF $408k SC $275k DEF), Fremantle

2021 avg: 55.3 in AF, 56 in SC from 6 games.

Has been looking through goods in training, as he never seems to lose a contest. He can be used as a key position player. However, if he is the 2nd or 3rd main key defender, does he have the ability to sag off and be the extra in a marking contest. Probably cooling on him as a breakout average-wise.

Lachie Jones (AF $368k SC $269k DEF), Port Adelaide

2021 avg: 49.8 in AF, 55 in SC from 6 games.

Seems a likely type playing off half-back at the moment. Does get injured a bit as he goes so hard at the contest. Upside for sure from his price. I would be concerned about job security and how much scoring upside there might be.

Finlay Macrae (AF $351k SC $206k MID), Collingwood

2021 avg. 43.1 in AF, 38 in SC from 9 games.

Looks to be playing a good brand of footy this year in the practice matches. Much cleaner. But still mostly forward. He did have a couple of CBAs against the Giants.

Errol Gulden (AF $609k SC $415k FWD), Sydney

2021 avg. 72.6 in AF, 76 in SC from 17 games.

If there was one player from last season that looks like they had all the class and time, it was Gulden. His poise and precision were on show throughout the season. So far this season he looks to be playing that same high half-forward role, which as a link up player into the forward 50 looks nice. A massive scoring uptick is still a question mark for the 2022 season though.

Thomas Highmore (AF $513k SC $368k DEF), St Kilda

2021 avg: 61 in AF, 68 in SC from 12 games.

Had a stellar season and came from the clouds in AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach. He found times where he really scored very well in games last year. His natural progression, without the hype of previous players at the club means he is a chance.  If he can cement his spot in the side.

Luke Edwards (AF $402k SC $270k MID), West Coast

2021 avg: 52.7 in AF, 50 in SC from 7 games.

I feel that 2022 will again be a development season for Edwards. He looked good when in the team, and had some good scores. However, 2022, like last season, will all be about if he can make it into the best 22. Currently not featuring in the practice matches as he is overcoming some groin soreness.

With every single one of these players mentioned, it will come down to the role and and opportunity to score. You generally find that the big jumps in averages are from players in teams that are not in the top 8. Whereby, they have greater opportunity for the youngster to play more time on-ball and not get a tag.

Good luck if you decide to go down the path of choosing one of these players in your starting squad. Otherwise if you see one of them going well early, and the job security and scoring upside is happening. Get on them early.

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