Devil’s Advocate: How to use your five trades per round wisely?

Welcome to today’s Devil’s Advocate. Boy doesn’t it feel good to have a day off, not worrying about whether or not a game will be played. A great mental break from the chaos that has been unfolding.


Now, we must turn our attention to the situation ahead, and that is that SuperCoach is now giving us five trades a round for the remainder of the season. These trades come as welcome relief for SuperCoaches in order to handle the Covid mess going on.

But today, we look at a key problem. How to use the five trades. And when you break it down, the solution becomes very, very simple, and with that, the trade targets come with it.

So now that we have five trades per round, how do we assign the trades the SuperCoach have given us? I’ve gotten this question a lot in the past 24 hours and so I thought about what I’ve done, what I could do and how I could end up with my dream team.

And the answer is simple. Have three of the five trades specifically used for going through DGRs and players who won’t play next round. For example, we were meant to have a Strikers DGR but with the Stars not being quite ready to go, that game was postponed. So now we remove some of the junk DGR players we picked like Matt Renshaw, Jono Wells, Wes Agar, Harry Nielsen etc.

And to replace them, guys like Matty Gilkes, Mohammad Hasnain, Jason Sangha, Tim David, D’Arcy Short etc. Our fourth trade should be for cash, to generate cash and to continue doing so for the whole season. This week, the player for that is David Grant. He’s $63k with a -54 BE and he has BAT/BWL DPP. A golden cheapie.

And our final trade should be on a risk. A high ceiling player that’s affordable that could send you flying up the rankings if they go nuts. It’s best that they be bench looped into your side. And for me, that player this round is Mac Wright. I posted about him on my Instagram page @supercoach.bbl.guns

Elite backups: there’s a few of them going around across fantasy sports. In NRL last year, Melbourne Storm Fullback Nicho Hynes backed up Ryan Papenhuyzen and scored just as well as him in supercoach. In NFL fantasy, Minnesota Vikings’ backup running back Alexander Mattison scores as well as main RB Dalvin Cook when Cook doesn’t play.

In BBL SuperCoach, we have Mac Wright who backs up Short, Wade or McDermott when one of them misses out and scores just as well as them. Mac Wright is a good batsman. He is just not given any opportunity due to how good the Hurricanes top order is. But when injury strikes, Mac Wright replaces them seamlessly. Matthew Wade has been ruled out of the next few games due to a personal issue he is dealing with. This opens the door for the elite backup in Mac Wright, to step up. He’s averaged 86ppg when batting in the top 3 and has scored of 105, 119 and 35 batting at the top of the order. Wright comes in at a measly $101.4k!

So now that we know what to with the trades, and how to use them, we just put them through and kick back right? WRONG. We were given five trades a round to navigate last minute cancellations of games. So we need to find a way to hold 1-2 of these trades and do them throughout the round as opposed to before the first game. Utilise the rolling lockout and then you can duck and weave all the Covid curveballs coming your way.

Good luck navigating this round and make sure to have your trades locked in by 6:05pm AEDT.

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