Expert Panel: The three fundamental keys to success in SuperCoach

As the 2021 SuperCoach season winds down and some coaches lament missing league finals, we felt it was the perfect time to get philosophical about the fundamentals to having a good season.


Thus we’ve assembled a panel with three proven experts, led off by Adelaide-based engineer Julien aka ‘Crazy Frogs’, who was the SuperCoach leader across the early rounds and is now ranked 312th overall.

We’ve also talked to Casey McDonald, aka ‘NaCheers’, who is an ex-SuperCoach round winner, top 1000 finisher in 2018, 2019 and 2020 (187th) who hasn’t quite met those levels in 2021, sitting 5,789th currently.

To round out the experts, we’ve got self-confessed Fantasy sport addict Lachlan Hunter who is a five-time top 100 finisher in Super Coach AFL, including 5th in 2013 and currently sits 1,843rd.

All three have provided their three essential keys to success in SuperCoach. Treasure these if you’re looking to improve in 2022.

Crazy Frogs @SC_CrazyFrogs

1. The starting team: it is important to start well the season, I saw it this year being ranked number one for the first 3 rounds without using any trades. SuperCoach is a risk management game. Don’t be at risk at the beginning with PODs you are unsure of, injury-prone players, or very expensive players you are not 100% confident in (Grundy/Gawn were so expensive, I decided to pick a cheap R2 with Flynn, I am likely to do the same next year in the rucks).

2. Dual Position Players: DPPs are extremely useful along the season. Don’t compromise your team for the sake of having DPPs but try to get some on most lines. I had flexibility with DEF/MID, MID/FWD, FWD/RUC since Round 1.

3. Trades: we say it every year but hold your trades and avoid sideways. I started so well in the season without trading, not many injuries. I was feeling like I was in a such a good situation that I burnt too many trades during the byes with sideways trading premiums. It paid off in the short term, but I am now without trades and several weeks to go. I will be wiser next year if I am in the same comfortable situation.

Casey McDonald @NaCheers

1. Back your gut! This is something I’m so strong on. Twitter is great but can also alter your thoughts. If you have done your research then back yourself in!

2. When selecting a POD make sure you have done your research on their role, injuries etc because generally they are PODs for a reason.

3. Trades/sideways trading: Trades are so important and this is even more relevant in the current climate. Before you make that decision to trade an under-performing premo make sure it is justified because you have to be right twice!

Another one is watching trends on breakout players at the back end of seasons, for example, my pick at the start of the year was Kyle Langford. He had a great role change and showed great scoring potential. (Sadly I didn’t back my gut at the start of the year and pick him).

Lachlan Hunter

Lachlan Hunter @hunterpunter_1

  1. Structure your initial team around where the best rookies are: If you don’t trust the rookies in a particular position, ensure you’ve got enough depth to avoid fielding them, even if this means sacrificing on another line. 
  2. Play the stock market: Don’t become too attached to rookies and be prepared to trade once their breakeven is close to or more than their average. My goal is to get to full premium as soon as possible to get the points on the board. 
  3. Hold premiums: Focus on upgrading rookies and use trades to obtain full-premium status quickly. Sideways trading can be a recipe for disaster. I normally give myself a couple of correctional trades if required before the first price change but after that it’s about prioritising trading out rookies first.

HB: Many thanks lads, good luck for the remaining rounds!

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