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Now, for some important house-keeping so you can get familiar with the HB subscriber offerings.


As a subscriber, keep an eye out for our weekly TOG% and Kick-Ins and CBAs stories at the end of every round. All the week-by-week Kick-In stats will be available via this link (located on the menubar) and the week-by-week CBA stats via this link (also on menubar). You’ll also have access to all of our daily selection news stories, with two per week exclusive to subscribers only.


To join our AFL Fantasy group, use code: V5UVY74Y
To join our SuperCoach group, use code: 993146

The highest ranked coaches in AFL Fantasy and in SuperCoach among our HB group at the end of the season wins $100 cash.

Note for both of these groups, only subscribers can win, so please don’t share the code (anyone not subscribed won’t be eligible). Also, in the interests of fairness, you must have subscribed by June 9 (prior to Round 13) to be eligible to win.


We’re working on adding Twitter Handles to our registration form, but for the timebeing in order to join, please DM @HoneyballAFL and we’ll add you. There’s a chat group each for both AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach. Let us know which one you’d like to join when you DM us. The Twitter chat group includes a steady stream of HB content, but also like-minded coaches and HB experts contributing info, advice and lukewarm banter.

We hope you enjoy!