The Buzz: Cripps like-for-like replacements, top Round 22 VC/C picks and fades & early 2023 options

The biggest news to come out of this week has been the suspension of Patrick Cripps, even though it seems Carlton are doing all they can to appeal the decision, it’s likely he’ll be missing games.

The Buzz: Kiddy Coleman headlines late-season PODs, plus role changes guide trade-outs & 2023 picks

In The Buzz this week, I’ve named some point of differences for your team to finish the year if you’re looking to take a risk and try to one-up your opponent in terms of matchups.

The Buzz: Hewett replacements, taggers to be mindful of & which premos need to be dumped

It’s crunch time but the fantasy gods have struck us down with the news that George Hewett will be unavailable this week and thus we could be forced to trade him but who are some options that are obvious and not so obvious to take.

The Buzz: Top R19 VC/C picks, falling premos & with/without theory for Duncan/Stewart, Cameron/Grundy etc

With five weeks to go there’s a lot of hype around Rowan Marshall with the news that Paddy Ryder is basically now done for the year but are there other players in similar boats.

AFL Fantasy Expert Panel: McCluggage, Marshall, Moore – PODs for a late-season rankings rise

Most AFL Fantasy teams are practically ‘complete’ by now but those looking for an edge for the final five rounds for a rankings surge or head-to-head league finals may turn to a point of difference (POD).

The Buzz: Danger, Titch, Taranto, what to do with the ruled-out Clayton Oliver? Plus relevant DPP changes

Clayton Oliverhas been ruled out with a thumb fracture this round against the in-form Power, creating dilemmas in both AFL Fantasy and SuperCoach for one of the game’s most expensive players.

SuperCoach Expert Panel: PODs for the run home to give you the edge for a rankings rise & H2H league finals

If you’re looking for a late-season rankings rise or chasing an edge in head-to-head league finals, nailing a few point of difference (POD) players will give you the boost you need.

The Buzz: Do you need to hold trades? Short, Crisp, Cripps, weighing up the under-performing premos

Last week’s shock news that Luke Jackson was injured for the week threw many coaches into disarray and begs the question should we be holding onto our trades? Or just send them where you see fit.

The Buzz: Do you really have to trade Tom Stewart? Building a plan to bring in Gawn and Grundy

Tom Stewart’s four-week ban has AFL Fantasy trading him out en masse but do you need to in SuperCoach? And the looming returns of ruck guns Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy has coaches planning ahead…

The Buzz: Trade or hold Zak Butters and/or Tim English, top replacement options, PODs & Round 15 VC/C picks

With nine rounds until the finish line, trades are getting thin in SuperCoach and coaches are being forced into creative solutions in AFL Fantasy with short-term injuries creating some major dilemmas.

SuperCoach Expert Panel: What’s the best way forward with rucks amid the carnage – Hold/trade Gawn, English & Preuss?

The ruck carnage over the past fortnight has left SuperCoaches staring down donuts as they consider whether or not to hold the likes of unavailable trio Max Gawn, Tim English and Braydon Preuss.

The Buzz: What to do with Max Gawn, extra premos and is Harry Himmelberg the real deal?

Harry Himmelberg has coaches’ cursors temptingly hovering over the T for trade-in button, while Max Gawn’s injury has left plenty scratching their heads about the best option to replace him.

The Buzz: Ruck roulette, which premo mid should you bring in & Round 15 trade-in targets

A lot of the talk this week has been which premium midfielder should you bring into your team with the likes of Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish, Sam Walsh and Josh Kelly being talked up as great picks to finish your midfield off.

AFL Fantasy Expert Panel: Cogs, Doc, Walsh, Zerrett, Owens – Top R13 trade-in picks coming off the bye

One bye round done, two to come and the trading plans should get easier from here, with options galore of players coming off their bye. We’ve assembled a team of experts to select the pick of the bunch.

SuperCoach Expert Panel: Merrett, Jelly, Sinclair, Owens etc – who are the top R13 trade-in targets off the R12 bye

Round 12 may have been one of the toughest for trading but SuperCoaches can now target players who’ve already had their bye to bring in, but who are the pick of the options.


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